Saturday, June 30, 2007

Willow and Kiki and Fuzziness

Okay.. So I'm going to try this style again, and see what happens. Tell me what you think! Enjoy~


The yawn takes me by suprise, but.. well, it's a lazy day. I've been sitting here.. snuggling with the fuzziness that is my wife in a different form, my Maya as Willow, the tall, fuzzy white neko. And this time.. we're both naked. I can't help but become more and more horny, feeling Willow's perfect white fur against me, as we snuggle in a kitty basket. With a bit of a blink, I find that we have a visitor. One of the few that I Love with all my heart, whose name is Kiki. A comment from Willow passes their ears, saying how lucsious Kiki is, and both girls blush. I look up, grinning, purring. The banter starts, both girls calling each other delicious, delectible, all those words that hint at eating.

<Mmh! Mew! Hi Kiki!> I stand, blushing as I'm completely naked, purring as the other two are too. It seems like my house likes nakedness.. and I don't mind it either. Actually.. I prefer it. I blush watching the two greet each other... then a shiver shakes through me, as I see Willow's attention direct to me.. and Kiki's follows very quickly. They both pounce me.. Willow finds her way behind me and holds me back, while Kiki immediately drops down and stats to lick all over my crotch. I moan and wiggle, quivering, the feeling of Willow's furry breasts driving me insane with need, the feeling of Kiki's licking making it even harder to think. I moan and wiggle and quiver, as Willow starts to massage my breasts, making me even more heady with desire. I part my legs, letting Kiki in as far and deep as she can, moaning out their names in pleasure.

I hear Kiki let out a growl, and a mew, as she kisses my sex again and again. Her words ring out in my ears, "Mmmmm! My tiny Love goddess tastes delicious." I cannot help but quiver at the words, mewling and mewling, blushing furiously, my tail wiggling under, looping back and forth as I try to figure out who to play with, with my tail. This is the first time I've been with Willow.. the soft, fuzziness is driving me so crazy. My hips shift and gyrate as I moan, quivering over and over, mewling and struggling very halfheartedly against Willow, just so my back rubs more and more against Maya's incredible, furry breasts.

Kiki moves with me, her head going back and forth with my movements, latched onto my pussy, her tongue slipping, licking and sliding along my outter lips. I can't help but mew and mew, wiggling more and more, pressing harder against Willow. I can't help but moan, and quiver. <Ahh! Oh Willow, my Love.. your fur.. it feels soo good against my skin! Kiki!! Your tongue, gaaah!> I can't help but quiver more and more as the tongue and fur drives me insane with pleasure and lust and need. I finally choose who I want to play with, with my tail.. the one I've never done it with. I feel Willow giggle against my back, nuzzling into one of my ears, as Kiki reaches around to assault the spot on my tail that drives me wild. Kiki's tongue reaches deeper, lapping at my inner folds, her furry cheeks rubbing against my thighs. I mewl with pleasure, my tail flicking when it's touched, quivering as the licking makes it's way deeper. I can't help but blush furiously, quivering, so very very wet, as I strain to direct my tail upwards, and slip it between Willow's legs, tickling at her thighs just like Kiki's furry cheeks are tickling my own. I quiver with delight, turned on so very very hard by the fur and the licking.

I feel Kiki quiver in her lust, her licking growing mor eand mroe insistant, letting her tail rub gently up to my clit, as her hands assault my tail's spot over and over. I feel Willow wrap her tail around my own, and feel her move it up, to rub Kiki's ears. I mew and quiver more, the touching and rubbing driving me crazier with need. <Nnnn!! Kiki!! Willow~!!!> I make my tail resist movment, though it does rub Kiki's ears for a moment. I want to please Willow.. need to, wanting to tickle her. I let Willow's tail guide mine for a little while, then blink when Willow lets it go. I feel Kiki moan into my sex, her tongue pressing harder then normal against me. Her hands drive me even farther, rubbing sensuously all over my tail.

I can't take it, the way they both assault me, even if Willow is just a fuzzy chest to lean into, destroys my will to resist, and I let myself go. I moan loudly, pushing into Willow's chest, her fur keeping my ardor up so easily, keeping me so very horny. My tail drops as soon as Willow lets it go, and then I curl it up and start to assault Willow's sex, tickling at her fuzzy outter lips, before pushing up to tickle into her smooth sex. I feel both of them purr wildly, Kiki's tongue vibrating gently as she does, feeling the vibrations go directly to my clit. I whimper as Kiki's hands slow down at my tail, my body lifting up on to my tip toes as I start to cum, my body aching as it releases hard against Kiki's tongue, feeling the incredible pleasure of orgasm wash through my body. My whimpers plead for more, needing more and more licking, as my tail pushes gently into Willow's sex a little more, to see just how wet she is.

Kiki mischieviously licks up all the cum I've given her, drinking almost all of it down, but saving a portion in her mouth. She stands up, and kisses me, my eyes widening and cumming again as I feel her mouth so full with my own honey. Unfortunately, I find out, that Kiki must leave.. but I'm gracious that she's given me this kind of attention. My tail pushes deep, it's dark black fuzziness pushing into Willow's bright white prettiness.

Willow makes a soft groan as we both slip back down into the kitty basket our friend gave us.. I snuggle in softly, latching onto her, wiggling and purring as my breasts rub to Willow's, feeling their furriness. I slip down, and push my head between them, so I can feel their fuzziness against my cheeks. My tail slowly explores my sweet Willow's sex. <I Love you!&rt I hear another groan out of her as my tail keeps working, as I curl up next to her, nuzzling against her. I softly start to lick her cheek and chin, then slip down to lick her chest. I push my tail in as deep as I can, flushing as I cuddle close, the fur of Willow's chest driving me crazier and crazier.

I have this odd problem when it comes to fuzzy people. I have a tendancy of grooming them. I dunno why, but I can't help myself sometimes, letting my slightly rough tongue rub over their warm fur. This is no exception. I can't help but lick and lick at Willow's chest, my tongue lathering over her nipples, and all around them, caressing the fur. I feel the way Willow's back arches, and I know she's getting quite close.. so in the interest of cleanliness (yah right, I just want the taste) I slip down so my face is between my Love's thighs, and start to assault her clit with my tongue, my tail slowly pulling out of her. My need is quite clear.. I need to taste her honey, I -must- taste the honey she produces.. I need to know the pleasure I've given her is real. I hear Willow's moans grow even harder and louder, and I start to mew when I feel Willow's body tense, when I see the way her stomach muscles move, knowing that inside of her is contracting and squeezing. I'm prepared.. I drop my head down, and push my lips against my Love's sex, my tongue delving into her to help the process along, my nose nuzzling into Willow's clit as I do.

I feel her honey start to assault my taste buds.. and as soon as that thick, sweet liquid touches me, as soon as I taste the Love I'm giving my sweet Willow, I start to feel overloaded, my body tingling.. and pretty soon, the sheer taste of Willow's honey makes me cum fairly hard, my thighs soaked with honey as I keep licking and licking. I mewl, and push my tail back into Willow as her orgasm stops, it just simply resting within her to absorb her warmth and wetness, as I slowly move my way up and start to kiss Willow fiercely, holding her, kissing, wiggling against her gently, purring so very happily.


London said...

Hey, I appear here!
(we both slip back down into the kitty basket our friend gave us.. )

Seriously, I whould love to comment... but you know I am tired, so you will have to wait until I post over it tomorrow (did you think I was going to be the only one teased?) :-p

Timothy Lilliehook said...

You are so right, fuzziness is a very good thing!
Lovely writing, as always ... you are such a lucky little kitty :)

October Hush said...

Aww yay...I love reading your sex stories...mmm they make me all tingly. And they make me miss my kitty too, though.

By the way, I know you like furriness...I'm not furry per se, but I am fuzzy. ;-)

Katrina Mishow said...

Hehe.. Thank you all for commenting. ^^ It makes my day when people do.

Yes, yes, London, that's you, obviously. ^^; And if you want, you'll be the focus of another post, you and Nat. The night we all finally met face to face. ::Nods.::

Hehe, thanks for your kind words, Tim. I can't get enough furry fuzziness.

Tobie: It's the same, really. Some have a bit longer hair, some have shorter. The furry or fuzzy does the same to me.. My mind would be going insane if I was rubbing against you. You're extremely cute, therefor extremely hot, and fuzzy.. yah, my mind is hiccuping thinking about that. ><;

October Hush said...

*giggles and then blushes bright red under her fuzziness*

Katrina Mishow said...

Ooh no.. don't blush like that.. ::Resisting.. insane.. urge.. to lick..blush.. Mew.. Losing battle.. Pounces and starts to lick her bright red blushing, mewling and purring and licking and licking and mewling.::

Timothy Lilliehook said...

Fuzziness, Furriness ...
Looking at your pics on London's blog, another similar F-Word came to my mind: Fluffiness! :)

October Hush said...


*Tobie pulls Katrina close to her and lets her groom her face, smiling and squinting her eyes while purring loudly*

London Spengler said...

*sigh* I forgot to follow the comments on your post. And about your question, you know I'll be honored, but I still have to ask Nat.

I'll try to do it tonight *smiles*.

Seraphine said...

I want to know more about the spot on your tail that drives you wild. There's a spot behind my earlobe that feels like that.

Katrina Mishow said...

Hehe.. Sera, you'll have to find that spot for yourself if you want to know more about it. ^.~ ::Giggles, and bends over, lifting her pert bottom and pointing it in Sera's direction, her tail wiggling teasingly.::

theshadow said...

I so so shouldn't have read this before leaving for work in the morning either... Now I'm all horny and lustful and have to sit through work like this...

Btw It's weird, since I know allot of nekos in SL, but I've never been with another neko in SL... So I've yet to experience the fury/fuzzy/fluffy goodness... 0_o

October Hush said...

People like to do the "tail trick" on me all the time, and see me basically melt in their arms ;-)

That and the ears, of course...amongst other things...

*nods and smiles*

Seraphine said...

The tail trick?
I decided to google it. Results 1,660 for "tail trick". Among them:
"This nifty little tail trick is a must-know killer secret to relax your horse."
"Another LED tail trick: These are strip LED's that were salvaged from an old piece of equipment."
"Secrets of the Detachable Tail Trick Revealed. You have to stay down so nobody sees you."

I still don't know exactly what it is-- but it sounds secksay!!

Katrina Mishow said...

<.< Sera.. I've done it to you before. ::Giggles, nodding.::