Saturday, June 30, 2007

Willow and Kiki and Fuzziness

Okay.. So I'm going to try this style again, and see what happens. Tell me what you think! Enjoy~


The yawn takes me by suprise, but.. well, it's a lazy day. I've been sitting here.. snuggling with the fuzziness that is my wife in a different form, my Maya as Willow, the tall, fuzzy white neko. And this time.. we're both naked. I can't help but become more and more horny, feeling Willow's perfect white fur against me, as we snuggle in a kitty basket. With a bit of a blink, I find that we have a visitor. One of the few that I Love with all my heart, whose name is Kiki. A comment from Willow passes their ears, saying how lucsious Kiki is, and both girls blush. I look up, grinning, purring. The banter starts, both girls calling each other delicious, delectible, all those words that hint at eating.

<Mmh! Mew! Hi Kiki!> I stand, blushing as I'm completely naked, purring as the other two are too. It seems like my house likes nakedness.. and I don't mind it either. Actually.. I prefer it. I blush watching the two greet each other... then a shiver shakes through me, as I see Willow's attention direct to me.. and Kiki's follows very quickly. They both pounce me.. Willow finds her way behind me and holds me back, while Kiki immediately drops down and stats to lick all over my crotch. I moan and wiggle, quivering, the feeling of Willow's furry breasts driving me insane with need, the feeling of Kiki's licking making it even harder to think. I moan and wiggle and quiver, as Willow starts to massage my breasts, making me even more heady with desire. I part my legs, letting Kiki in as far and deep as she can, moaning out their names in pleasure.

I hear Kiki let out a growl, and a mew, as she kisses my sex again and again. Her words ring out in my ears, "Mmmmm! My tiny Love goddess tastes delicious." I cannot help but quiver at the words, mewling and mewling, blushing furiously, my tail wiggling under, looping back and forth as I try to figure out who to play with, with my tail. This is the first time I've been with Willow.. the soft, fuzziness is driving me so crazy. My hips shift and gyrate as I moan, quivering over and over, mewling and struggling very halfheartedly against Willow, just so my back rubs more and more against Maya's incredible, furry breasts.

Kiki moves with me, her head going back and forth with my movements, latched onto my pussy, her tongue slipping, licking and sliding along my outter lips. I can't help but mew and mew, wiggling more and more, pressing harder against Willow. I can't help but moan, and quiver. <Ahh! Oh Willow, my Love.. your fur.. it feels soo good against my skin! Kiki!! Your tongue, gaaah!> I can't help but quiver more and more as the tongue and fur drives me insane with pleasure and lust and need. I finally choose who I want to play with, with my tail.. the one I've never done it with. I feel Willow giggle against my back, nuzzling into one of my ears, as Kiki reaches around to assault the spot on my tail that drives me wild. Kiki's tongue reaches deeper, lapping at my inner folds, her furry cheeks rubbing against my thighs. I mewl with pleasure, my tail flicking when it's touched, quivering as the licking makes it's way deeper. I can't help but blush furiously, quivering, so very very wet, as I strain to direct my tail upwards, and slip it between Willow's legs, tickling at her thighs just like Kiki's furry cheeks are tickling my own. I quiver with delight, turned on so very very hard by the fur and the licking.

I feel Kiki quiver in her lust, her licking growing mor eand mroe insistant, letting her tail rub gently up to my clit, as her hands assault my tail's spot over and over. I feel Willow wrap her tail around my own, and feel her move it up, to rub Kiki's ears. I mew and quiver more, the touching and rubbing driving me crazier with need. <Nnnn!! Kiki!! Willow~!!!> I make my tail resist movment, though it does rub Kiki's ears for a moment. I want to please Willow.. need to, wanting to tickle her. I let Willow's tail guide mine for a little while, then blink when Willow lets it go. I feel Kiki moan into my sex, her tongue pressing harder then normal against me. Her hands drive me even farther, rubbing sensuously all over my tail.

I can't take it, the way they both assault me, even if Willow is just a fuzzy chest to lean into, destroys my will to resist, and I let myself go. I moan loudly, pushing into Willow's chest, her fur keeping my ardor up so easily, keeping me so very horny. My tail drops as soon as Willow lets it go, and then I curl it up and start to assault Willow's sex, tickling at her fuzzy outter lips, before pushing up to tickle into her smooth sex. I feel both of them purr wildly, Kiki's tongue vibrating gently as she does, feeling the vibrations go directly to my clit. I whimper as Kiki's hands slow down at my tail, my body lifting up on to my tip toes as I start to cum, my body aching as it releases hard against Kiki's tongue, feeling the incredible pleasure of orgasm wash through my body. My whimpers plead for more, needing more and more licking, as my tail pushes gently into Willow's sex a little more, to see just how wet she is.

Kiki mischieviously licks up all the cum I've given her, drinking almost all of it down, but saving a portion in her mouth. She stands up, and kisses me, my eyes widening and cumming again as I feel her mouth so full with my own honey. Unfortunately, I find out, that Kiki must leave.. but I'm gracious that she's given me this kind of attention. My tail pushes deep, it's dark black fuzziness pushing into Willow's bright white prettiness.

Willow makes a soft groan as we both slip back down into the kitty basket our friend gave us.. I snuggle in softly, latching onto her, wiggling and purring as my breasts rub to Willow's, feeling their furriness. I slip down, and push my head between them, so I can feel their fuzziness against my cheeks. My tail slowly explores my sweet Willow's sex. <I Love you!&rt I hear another groan out of her as my tail keeps working, as I curl up next to her, nuzzling against her. I softly start to lick her cheek and chin, then slip down to lick her chest. I push my tail in as deep as I can, flushing as I cuddle close, the fur of Willow's chest driving me crazier and crazier.

I have this odd problem when it comes to fuzzy people. I have a tendancy of grooming them. I dunno why, but I can't help myself sometimes, letting my slightly rough tongue rub over their warm fur. This is no exception. I can't help but lick and lick at Willow's chest, my tongue lathering over her nipples, and all around them, caressing the fur. I feel the way Willow's back arches, and I know she's getting quite close.. so in the interest of cleanliness (yah right, I just want the taste) I slip down so my face is between my Love's thighs, and start to assault her clit with my tongue, my tail slowly pulling out of her. My need is quite clear.. I need to taste her honey, I -must- taste the honey she produces.. I need to know the pleasure I've given her is real. I hear Willow's moans grow even harder and louder, and I start to mew when I feel Willow's body tense, when I see the way her stomach muscles move, knowing that inside of her is contracting and squeezing. I'm prepared.. I drop my head down, and push my lips against my Love's sex, my tongue delving into her to help the process along, my nose nuzzling into Willow's clit as I do.

I feel her honey start to assault my taste buds.. and as soon as that thick, sweet liquid touches me, as soon as I taste the Love I'm giving my sweet Willow, I start to feel overloaded, my body tingling.. and pretty soon, the sheer taste of Willow's honey makes me cum fairly hard, my thighs soaked with honey as I keep licking and licking. I mewl, and push my tail back into Willow as her orgasm stops, it just simply resting within her to absorb her warmth and wetness, as I slowly move my way up and start to kiss Willow fiercely, holding her, kissing, wiggling against her gently, purring so very happily.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tribute for a Friend

This.. goes out to someone I Love very much. That I've lost. I hope she stays well.

=====Part 1=====

The kitty sits, her head tilted up to watch the stage. Upon it are a few of her friends, strippers though that makes no difference. The hussle and bustle of the place makes her little black fuzzy ears swivel back and forth. She's wearing something quite odd.. Imagine a fuzzy brassier. A pure white fuzzy bra and .. almost panties.. Both top and bottom are just simple fuzzy white circles. Nothing to hold them up, nothing to keep them from falling down other then the female's own curves, barely any of her sexual parts hidden from view. She also has furry white fuzzy mittens.. and a pair of fuzzy white boots... and even a hat, that has little white kitty ears on it.. not that she needs any. Her attention is captured by the one person walking into the almost patronless club. The attention isn't diverted for too long, though, as the half naked strippers on stage take up a good portion of her devotion. She licks her lips, her little mew of welcome sounding to the one walking in, her tail flicking and motioning to the chair besides her. They both take note that there are no males sitting anywhere close to the stage.. She's not even sure if any are even in the building.

Katrina's eyes are almost completely focused on the two up on stage, the two friends of hers that are being naughty on stage, their legs rubbing against each other around the pole they share. Her eyes glimmer as she watches the two of them, her tail flicking to encourage the two playing with each other on the stage. She watches as the tall blonde hooks a finger into the slightly shorter brunette's panties, and tugs them down, her hands sliding around to rub at the firm bottom on the other side. She watches the two make out for a while, her tail flicking softly. Kat knows her seat is going to be quite damp, her uncovered sex glistening a little as she watches, as the brunette starts to use the tall blonde as her pole. Then her attention turns, and goes to the one besides her, who is watching the show with intent. Kat's own seat is starting to become drenched, her nose full with the smell of arousal, her own and the dancer's. She thinks she smells the one besides her too.. that peaks her interest, as she purrs softly towards her.

The contest, a fire and ice themed event wanting the patrons to wear ice white or blue, and firey red ends, both her skimpy clothing and her firey red hair counts on each, and miraculously, she wins the icey half. Katrina is bubbly, happy.. and she starts to bound around the room, mewing happily. She pauses when she hears a 'here kitty kitty' and goes to the person, one of the few random people in the room. She gets her scritchings, her purring very obvious. She runs around some more, bounding upon all fours.. The brunette gets down from the stage, and Katrina pounces her friend. She kisses Selena over and over, giggling as she rubs the furry paws all over this friend. She returns to her seat, mewing softly, looking over at the one she noticed before.. who she'll later find out is named Tiana. She's offering the kitty a mouse. Kat giggles, shaking her head, and pulling out, from nowhere (or hammerspace) the very same mousey. She smiles.

"Ooh, I see you already have it, hehe. I have alot of things for nekos." Tiana starts rummaging around, looking for things. "Catnip, a bird house.. Tasty bird and a scratching post." Kat's ears flatten at catnip.. She loves the stuff.. but it makes her excessively horny. Tiana has a wiff of that.. somehow. She puts a little out, and Kat gets scared slightly.. She's glad it's far enough away to not take control of her, though.

She furtively watches Tiana, whose attention is on one of the dancers.. who flashes her pussy at Tiana.. Tiana spreads her legs to give the dancer the same view. The dancer drops down, and gives Tiana a long kiss. Katrina giggles, and mews a soft chant, egging the two of them on to the kiss, wanting to see them go deeper. They part, smiling, her eyes following Tiana's hands to rub down her own thighs. She watches Tiana take off her silk belt to make herself a little more comfortable.. and Katrina flicks her tail to tickle at Tiana's leg, wondering if she'd like a helping tail.. She watches as Tiana hides her chest, her arousal evident in the little perky nipples she hides. "I'm shy," she says, as Katrina giggles, thinking they need to give her an unshying treatment. She grins over at Tiana, smiling, purring softly.

Tiana reaches out, and catches Katrina's tail, which proceeds to wrap itself around Tiana's fingers, weaving in and out between them, in her limber way, giving her hand a warm, furry hug. Her eyes are stolen by the dancer's beautiful body, mewling softly as she does, staring for a moment. She's surprised when the dancer, whose name is Ashely, leans down, slipping from the stage for a moment, to kiss her. Katrina's heart thumps, full of mewy heat as she returns the passioned kiss. She watches Ashley climb back up to the stage, her eyes locked on the dancer's ass. Her tail unravels from Tiana's fingers, to start flicking back and forth behind her once more. She watches, purring with lust as she sees Ashley start to finger herself from the passion in the kiss.

Tiana's face grows sad, when Katrina's tail leaves, and Kat notes that from the corner of her eye.. Though Ashley's actions are pulling her eyes away, she lifts her tail up for Tiana to grab ahold of. She curls her tail around the tip of a finger, mewling as she has the urge to do the same to Ashley.. wanting to curl her tail around the finger she watches the dancer pleasure herself with.

Time passes, the dancer needing to leave, leaving the stage empty for quite a while, Tiana moving over to another seat after a small break. Another person arrives, who seems to be a friend of Tiana's.. They talk for a while, Katrina's mind wandering, thinking. Tiana moves so she's sitting on one side of Katrina, and her friend just happens to be on the other side of her.

"Why don't you ever apply to be a dancer, Katrina? I know you would be great at it!" Tiana's friend says. Katrina shrugs a little, thinking it'd be fun, but isn't sure if she'd be right for it. Tiana winks at her friend, sending some sort of message to her.. as if she wants to try to double team the poor kitten. She knows, if she tried to be a dancer, she'd do alot more then that. She'd pounce the other dancers, and give them a good work over with her tail.

Tiana slowly starts to kiss Katrina's neck, as Kat mews with surprise. She mews knowing it's not hard to get this little kitty worked up. She purrs and mews with the kiss, tilting her head with them, purirng more as Tiana's kisses go higher upon her neck, to her jaw bone. She meeps, and mewls softly when she feels Tiana's hand start to stroke her leg.

Tiana moans softly into Katrina's soft, furry ear, her hand sliding between Kat's legs, rubbing along her inner thighs, Kat's body quivering at the moan, shivering at the soft touch. She feels her body tingle fiercely, her body very very warm. Tiana's touches slip higher between her thighs, as she feels Tiana's kisses move down, to her chest. Katrina purrs more and more, as she softly pushes Tiana's head into her chest, her own head ducking down to kiss the top of her head. Katrina pushes her body against Tiana's sweet lips, reaching down with furry gloved hands, to tickle Tiana's cheek, as her legs part with the rubbing. She mews, quivering as her eyes watch both Tiana, and the new dancer.

Tiana tugs down upon the fuzzy top Katrina wears, the furry thing falling down, exposing her erect nipples. The blue haird girl takes a nipple into her mouth, hiding her naked chest with her head, her hand sliding up between Katrina's legs, to rest upon her mound, her middle finger moving up and down against the kitten's very moistened slit, as Katrina mewls with pleasure, quivering at the attention. Her mind burns for the pleasure Tiana's starting to give her, as she pushes her body out a bit against Tiana's hands and mouth. Her tail falls down, and then curls around Tiana's leg, stroking her thigh softly, feeling all the eyes on her and Tiana.. the eyes that alternate from the play here, and the dancer on stage.

Tiana bites upon Katrina's nipple, her lips feeling the hot skin of the neko. Tiana's finger starts to wetten as she rubs up and down, playing with the neko's lower lips. Katrina quivers and leans back a little, her legs opening wide for Tiana, letting her show the world how aroused she is. Tiana uses this opening.. and slowly starts to rub the kittens clit in a small circle. Katrina quivers, feeling her sex flare with heat, moisture, desire, mewling as she feels the rubbing more and more. Her nipple tingles with Tiana's licking and suckling, unable to help herself but mew mroe and more. Her tail moves up a little more, turning to find it's way into Tiana's panties, to tickle at her flesh, rubbing above her sex. She watches as the dancer, also entranced with the kitten and her amoure going at it, starts to play with herself.

Tiana rubs Katrinas clit with more pressure, listening to the mews and moans, trying to find the perfect technique to please the kitten. She reaches down and rubs Katrina's tail with her free hand, urging it in it's exploration. Katrina can't help but feel extremely hot, extremely pleased, as Tiana plays her so well in public. She quivers more and more as she feels her newfound lover rubbing her with more urgency, letting off little mewy moans and shudders as Tiana's fingers rub her just right. Her body quivers, feeling her wetness seep into her chair, not caring a single bit about it, mewling as she feels Tiana's hand rubbing her tail. She slowly winds her tail into Tiana's panties more, starting to rub between Tiana's lips as well. Her eyes are half lidded, half watching Taylor, half drowned in affection at what Tiana is doing to her.

Tiana is unable to resist, and falls down to her knees, pushing her face between Katrina's open, and inviting legs, her tongue out as she takes a long taste of Kat's wet pussy, her tongue slipping between Katrina's lips, tickling along her length, and halting when her tongue touches Kat's clit. Kat squeeks and mewls with sudden pleasure, as she feels Tiana's tongue touch her sex. She mews loudly, as loud as her weak vocals allow, quivering as she clenches her sex in anticipation for when Tiana's tongue touches her clit.

The blue haired girl moans, making her lips vibrate against Katrina's folds, her hands gliding along the kitten's soft, silky, naked thighs, the movement of her tongue becoming more and more frantic. Her hand moves around to Kat's ass, pulling her closer, feeling the sweet nectar of Katrina's pussy slipping down her face, down her cheeks and chin. Katrina mews with more pleasure, her sex clenching as she feels the need to let go. Her body quivers, as she lets out another low mew, giving Tiana what she's aiming for, a particularly fierce squeezing of her sex giving Tiana a soft bathing in warm, sticky honey. She mews, quivering as she cums for Tiana's tongue, wanting to feel that warm wet muscle all over her sex as she feels the rush of that orgasm. She mews, pulling Tiana's head closer, wanting more and more licking, wanting her to keep going and not stop with this small rush of flavorful liquid.

Tiana doesn't stop, her mouth opening to latch around Katrina's sex, drinking from the soft fountain of honey Katrina gives her, drinking it hungrily, giving her kitten long loving licks between each swallow. She quivers as she cums slowly, her tail wiggling as it remembers it's task, and starts to please Tiana more, wiggling and brushing her sex. She feels a little bad, her eyes cranking open to watch the dancer.. who seems to be getting licked by Tiana's friend, like Katrina is being licked. She doesn't feel so bad now, cumming in the middle of the club, not caring who saw. She feels Tiana's cheeks against her thighs, blushing furiously, but not caring, not able to control her lust anymore. She continues lapping at Katrina's sex, inspired by the kitty she is pleasuring, her tongue rubbing up and down her sex. She mewls, her body close to another orgasm, her tail trying to pleasure Tiana though it's not quite sure it'll be able to, yet. It's a bit cramped in this position. She mews, squeeking in pleasure as she cums again, mewling as she feels Tiana's tongue licking more and more, lapping up all her juices.

Katrina pulls Tiana up, quivering with pleasure. She kisses Tiana fiercely, purring as she tastes the sweet nectar upon her tongue, thinking.. well.. Isn't sure what to think anymore. giggles softly, giving her another squeeze, thinking, though, that the with increasing crowd, she should calm down a little bit.

=====End Part 1=====

Mmh. Now, working on part 2.. Will put it up as an edit of this when I get it done. Should be soon.

=====Part 2=====

The two girls are snuggling, cuddling on one of the benches in the club, stroking at each other's cheeks and such, both glad they've found someone they can click with so easily. They have their heads together, Katrina's soft fuzzy ears flicking and stroking at Tiana's forhead. Kat reaches down, and gives Tiana a stroke between her legs, grinning softly as she watches Tiana blush thuroughly, loosing all her words. With a mewy exclaimation, she hops up a bit and starts licking her blush all over, purring as she does. Finds her head trapped by Tiana's hand, and brought in front to lick her cheek.

They giggle at each other, as Kat leans in to kiss her firmly, purring as Tiana wiggles in her spot to make sure Kat is comfortable. Her hand runs up and down the small kitty's back, ruffling through her long, luxious red hair. Too bad I didn't meet you durring my two months of nakieness.. Though I probably wouldn't have been here. Tiana does a little double take, blinking at Katrina's words. "Two months of nakedness? Wow.. Sounds fun, hehe." Yeah.. Just stopped wearing clothing from Christmas 'till.. sometime last month. I was pretty much clothesless through out the whole building process too. I couldn't help it.. hehe. And I know Ivana didn't mind.

The girls go back and forth, talking about various things, about Kat's lively life, what with her going naked all the time, about the club and how open it is, how refreshing it is to have a place that'll let them have sex in public as they did. The comment "I am soo aroused" arises from Tiana, and Kat grins, purring as she retorts: I wonder how much more aroused I can get you.

Tiana rubs her nose against Katrina's, "I am pretty sure you can get me all the way." Katrina smiles, mewling at Tiana softly, giving her some nuzzles, then softly kisses her nose as she purrs furiously. Mmh.. I may not quite care for penetrative things.. but.. how about you? Kat grins as she looks up at Tiana, purring lightly, giving her a soft kiss again. The response is what Kat figures. "I don't mind penetrative things.. but an expert tongue is best," as Tiana's hands roam over Kat's thighs and hips and ass.

With a giggle, Katrina nods. She gets a gleaming, mischievious look to her eyes. Ever try using a slenderish column of ice? Katring grins a little more, mewing at Tiana's hands.

"Never a column.. but I have used ice cubes." Tiana responds, growing curious. "Ever use a vegetable?" Katrina grins as she looks around, rummaging through some random items that just happen to be near them. She shakes her head, No.. most are a bit too big for me. But.. the ice.. it melts. What's even more fun.. is while you're playing with the ice.. hold yourself over a big bowl.. and catch the melting mixture.. for something.. quite delicious to drink later. Kat grins, as she pushes against Tiana, softly, gently forcing her to the ground, and stripping her down, softly removing her shirt, and panties. Kat's little tongue runs over her lips, licking them as if she's looking at a scrumptuous meal. She bends down, and kisses Tiana's nose.. then her cheek.. then her chin. She works her kisses, a little stream of them, down her, passing her neck, then streams them around her left breast, following her curves. She kisses around that breast, then slowly spirals them up to her nipple, and starts to suckle upon it, purring as she licks the tightly hardened nub.

Tiana's moans sound into the club's air, the kisses Katrina gives her making her skin tingle with heat. Katrina purrs, nuzling at the nipple with her nose, pushing Tiana's hands away as they move up to play with her hair. She wants her lover to just lay back and enjoy... like Tiana did to her earlier. She starts to mew, as she spirals kisses around her other breast, trailing them 'till she finds Tiana's right nipple, and starts to suckle it, mewling as she purrs against the hard nib, her hands rubbing up and down Tiana's sides. Katrina slowly starts to kiss down her body again, covering her tummy with many soft kisses and licks, each one ending with a soft, excited mew.

Katrina watches Tiana's arousal.. the flush of her skin, the little moans, the way she leans back and closes her eyes in pleasure. Another reaction, her sex, those soft pussy lips grow more and more wet. Katrina moans, making a sound like she's eating something incredibly good.. and she hasn't reached that wetness yet. She caresses her tongue all over Tiana's body, over her pelvis, mewling as she licks. She goes down a little more, her tongue hanging out slightly as she stares at Tiana's sex, purring as she licks her lips in anticipation. Her tail lifts up, and starts to rub and caress Tiana's nipples, as she pushes her head in, and gives Tiana's sex a soft kiss, preparing, anticpating that taste. Tiana's legs spread more, offering herself completely to the red headed neko, even giving off the semblance of a purr.

Katrina giggles at that purr, mewing with excitement when she sees the wetness she's causing Tiana. She ducks in a little more, taking a long, excruciatingly slow lick, starting at the bottom of her slit, and pulling her tongue up to the very top, where her clit is hidden. Katrina moans, almost orgasming herself from the taste, as she starts to bathe Tiana's clit with her tongue, using very soft, sensual licks. She lowers her tail, following the trail her kisses did, moving from her nipple down to her legs, and starts to rub her thighs all over, with her insanely soft tail fur, purring as her licking and tasting continues.

Tiana gasps loudly, the feel of Katrina's just barely roughened tongue running over her clit makes her close her legs in reflex. Katrina takes a deep breath, purring as she takes in the scent of Tiana's honey, so close to her nose, licking more and more as she looks up with her bright blue eyes to Tiana, watching as her lover starts to play with her own nipples. Katrina mews and quivers, close to the same quivers that Tiana's body is giving her, as she licks. She can't help it, the taste sends her into quivers of passion and pleasure. She takes a few more long, slow licks, each one ending with a mewy focus upon her clit, as her tail dances all over Tiana's skin. Her tail then snakes under her own body, covering her sex with her furry tail and slipping it up between her own firm breasts, 'till it's close to her chin. The tip flicks, tickling just barely into Tiana's sex, as Katrina gives her another long slow lick, then she starts to focus completely on Tiana's clit with her tongue, assaulting the little nub over and over, as she starts rubbing up and down Tiana's slit with her tail.

Katrina purrs with glee as she hears Tiana gasp once more, at having Kat's tail touching her folds. She looks down, and Kat catches her gaze with her own as Tiana observes the kitty going to town on her clit. She closes her eyes, and Kat returns focus to her licking, purring as she hears Tiana moan and groan, and wiggle as Katrina's tongue assaults her and drives more and more pleasure into her. Katrina keeps licking, and licking, her lightly rough tongue giving Tiana's clit something nice and textured to please on. She mews again, and slowly tickles her tail alittle farther in between her lover's lips, mewling more as she does. She puts her teeth against Tiana's clit, and starts to purr hard, making her body, her teeth vibrate against Tiana's clit. She pushes in deeper, slowly exploring the other woman, hoping she can make her cum over and over and over as she explores, feeling her own body tingle with pleasure as she licks and tastes Tiana.

Tiana lets out a long, strong moan as that tail penetrates her, her hands moving down to grip Katrina's hair, playing with it softly.. but every once in a while she grips harder, as a spike of intense pleasure hits her like a lightning bolt. Katrina mews, as she feels Tiana's muscles tighten, knowing she's quite close, feeling the emotional charge in the air. She probes, softly, with her tail, gently finding spots that make Tiana tense even more. Her lips clasp about Tiana's clit, mewling as she does, suckling upon her while she licks and purrs. Difficult to do, but.. she's had plenty of practice. She mewls, lifting her hands to take Tiana's hands, and move them to her ears, so she can rub there instead of clutching her hair. She curls her tail up, searching for the softly rough spot on her highest wall, probing within Tiana, wanting to turn on that gushing flow of orgasm she thinks is coming soon.

Katrina's assault on Tiana's sex makes Tiana's motions a bit sluggish.. She looks down when Katrina moves her hands, giving a slight appologetic smile, muttering a soft, heavy breathed, lust filled 'sorry.' She starts to rub Kat's ears, following the edges with her thumbs, delicately and carefully. She moans more and more as Kat fills her with pleasure, the climax within her growing, just about to burst. The moans grow more and more regular and filled with passion as the pleasure increases over and over.. Tiana screams Kat's name as passion assaults her mind and body. Katrina knows how close she is.. and slows her ministrations down, to draw out that final stretch up to orgasm, to make it so sweetly close, but not quite there, for a slong as she can. She expertly holds Tiana there, quaking with pleasure herself, as she starts to writhe her tail around softly. She makes her tail move faster and faster as she starts to make her suckling and licking harder, purring louder, wanting to let her newfound lover cum, and cum hard.

Tiana wigglees, feeling closer to the most amazing orgasm, her body tight and her sweet nectar running at a steady stream. She's unable to focus, her hips rocking back and forth with passion against the tail and lips, her hands squeezing her own breast almost painfully, legs twitching lightly as electric shocks excite the neves. Her voice is nothing more then screams, moans and heavy breaths. She feels the orgasm ready to explode, and only awaits that final blow her lover will give her.

Katrina mews, moaning against Tiana's clit. She can feel it. She can feel how close Tiana is, her own emotions echoing her lover's. She mews as she quivers, being careful not to bring her off just yet. She wants Tiana to scream even more, wants her to tense, wants her honey flowing faster.. She mews again, her tail bunching up within Tiana's sex, tensing for that final push, quivering and mewing as she does this. She starts to lick even harder on her clit, licking and purring hard so her teeth vibrate it, suckling more and more, wanting to give that push, as her tail starts to flex slowly within her, rippling as she feels Tiana's sex clench around her, pushing against her, rubbing as firm within her as she can. Her empathy makes her feel the same, her body quivering as she gives Tiana as much attention as she can. Tiana's climax explodes within her, her head shooting back with an animalistic scream, her body tightening so much that it starts to spasm. She tries to push Katrina back.. but Katrina doesn't let her, as Tiana starts to squirt her sweet cum out. Katrina wants to feel it all over her face, in her mouth, then quivers as she feels it drip down her body, coating her chest, moaning as she does, a little waterfall of liquid flowing from her lover. Katrina keeps her ministrations up high as Tiana orgasms, wanting to make it last long, stay as hard as she can make it. She feels her own body tightening with Tiana's gushing orgasm, the feel of the other womans' cum on her body makes her orgasm with her, quivering as she does so. She's unable to stop it, just knowing she's given Tiana such gushing pleasure sends her over the edge herself. She mewls and mews and quivers and purrs, watching Tiana's reaction, the way her body twitches as her tail churns, and mewls with pleasure, her little eyes twinkling with adoration, love and mirth.

After quite a long time of laying there, moaning and wiggling in tandem with pleasure, Tiana softly pulls Katrina up, 'till she's sitting on her lap, her head shaking in disbelief as the orgasm slowly leaves her.. She cannot forget the extream sensation she had when she came, though.. All she could do is say wow, and thank you, over and over as she showers the red headed kitten with kisses. Katrina returns each kiss, mewing after each one, purring and snuggling up against her lover, mewling as she does. She gives Tiana another firm, loving, passion filled kiss, her tail flexing in her own way of saying welcome.