Monday, April 23, 2007

Something different.. Dryer fun

Okay.. So I'm gonna try something different this time. First person perspective.. Let's see how this one goes! Enjoy!


I slowly walk downstairs, sighing slightly as I tote a basket of clothing downstairs. I set it down, glancing around the basement, my feet suddenly feeling quite cold on the cement floor. With a little shrug, I slowly start to remove the clothing from the wash, and transfer it over to the dryer, my little black ears slowly swiveling back and forth, scanning for sounds. I hear a very soft footstep, but I choose to ignore it.. for now. After I close the dryer, I start to load the other load of clothing into the washer, mewing softly as I do. It is late at night.. when I usually do these sorts of things.. so.. after a moment of concideration, I slowly slip off my sleek nightie, careful not to pull on my long red hair, and toss it into the wash too. I step out of my jammies' bottoms, and stuff them in, along with the panties I generally never wear. After I close the washer's door, and put all the soaps and stuffs into it, I turn it on, and move over to the dryer to do the same. But.. I notice something behind me.. someone.. Someone I know. After I turn the dryer on, I spin around, to catch my loving Mate watching me.

See.. Maya and I have this way of talking.. without speaking. Not sure how.. perhaps we can just read each other that well. The way she looks at me.. She's accusing me of being naughty! Just because I decided to wash all the clothes I have at the same time.. and have ended up naked. I shake my head.. there isn't anything naughty about what I'm doing! Not a single thing.. then the glint in my eye turns mischievious, and I turn around.. and bend over, wiggling my tanned, firm, shapely sexy ass in her direction, grinning. Now.. If she wants it to be naughty.. that's a whole different story. I wiggle, not expecting anything, but suddenly I feel her tongue between my lower lips. I gasp with surprise, mewing softly, as I shudder slightly. I let off a soft whimper, falling over so my arms are resting on the shaking dryer, my legs parting just slightly for that tongue, as my tail flicks up and curls around Maya's head, to pull her closer, not wanting her to lick and run.

I need this sort of attention from her, badly, from Maya. I need it often, though I know that can be tough.. my sex drive is soo much greater then most others I know. I gasp, feeling that tounge searching over my sex, quivering as I end up leaning down upon the shaking dryer, my chin upon my slightly crossed arms. Another soft, needy gasp escapes my lips, as I feel that tongue press between my wet lips, searching over my pussy. I cannot help but let off mewy moans of pleasure as I feel that tongue start to search me even more. My mate knows what each one of those mewy moans means, each one of them a soft gasping of her name. I feel the heat, the warmth of my Love for this other kitty, and cannot help but let that emotion spread farther, let it influence the ministrations she is giving me. My own tail moves, unwrapping from Maya's head, knowing that she won't quit on me now, and I let it hang in the air for the time being, quivering as I try to get a grip on my mind.

I gasp once more, as I feel her tongue start to uncover, and focus soley on my clit. That sends me into wiggles of pleasure, as my body slowly keeps slipping forwards upon the dryer. I gasp yet again, mewing into more moans of even greater pleasure when I feel her tail start to tickle at my wetness, when I feel that tail delve into my wet sex. That tail.. is one of the few things I actually enjoy within me. A finger to play with my G-spot is fine.. but I generally do not like penetration. But this.. This tail within me.. My Maya's tail.. My Soul Mate's tail.. That, I truely enjoy it's probing within me. I try and loop my own tail around, to search into my Mate's pants, and return the favor.. but my tail is swatted away. She wants me to enjoy without retort. I shudder and squeeze about the tail, mewling as I feel it wiggle within me, quivering and quaking as I feel it stroking and playing within me, accompanied by Maya's suckling upon my clit. I let off another long, mewy moan, a loud gasping of pleasure following it, my Maya's ministrations almost too much for me. That and the fact that I'm getting vibrated from the dryer doesn't hurt either. I wiggle, mewling as I feel my body tighten, as I feel pleasure start to flood my senses. I don't fight it.. I want the pleasure, I want Maya's ministrations to get me off as much as possible. My body convulses softly, my sex clenching against Maya's tail in rhythmic contractions as I cum, mewling as I feel my body sing with pleasure, squeeking out another mew as I feel my sex drench Maya's tail more then it already was, when I feel my sex squirt it's honey slightly against Maya's nose, which is burried next to her own tail in my sex, making my honey coat her face slightly.

I mewl with pleasure, more and more, since Maya hasn't stopped licking, and I can't help myself as I wiggle more and more against the dryer, my body still trying to recover from the previous orgasm. It's no use, though, as Maya's licking and suckling at my clit, and her wiggling within me sends me into more and more pleasure. I feel Maya's tail start to stroke my g-spot, and I lose it, giving her another giant orgasm, quaking with pleasure. I mewl, the dryer's vibrations causing it to shake and quiver even more then the orgasm's pleasure makes it. Maya licks up and down my slit, around her tail, as she slowly pulls it out of me. I mew in protest, but end up cumming hard when that tail slips out of me, quivering once more, mewing into the air as my honey spills out my pussy, thickly dripping down my legs. I mew, quivering as the dryer shakes me, and I turn slowly, so I'm facing up, laying on the dryer, and reach down to pull Maya on top of me, so I can hug her tightly, our bodies jiggling as the dryer runs it's course. I mew, wanting that tail to stay within me, and so.. I drop my tail, and curl it around the wet length of Maya's tail and bring it back up to my sex. I push it back into me, and she wiggles it around again, with me squirming. I just want to lay there, cuddling, with that tail within me. I can't help but kiss her, over and over, mewing as I enjoy our closeness, and the way the vibrations press us both together. I'm not sure how, but I fall asleep as we cuddle, dreaming of that tail, how it pleases me, though the dryer's stopping jolts me out of it.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Danceing Experience

Mmh.. Okay, I know it's been a while.. So.. well, I think this is a bit longer then usual. So I guess it's to make up for the lost time. ^.^ Enjoy! Though I'm not sure how many people even read this. ^^;; ::Mews, and waves at those that do.::


The poor, red headed kitten is sitting almost alone, kinda off from everyone else, in her favorite club. She's not quite sure why she's sitting alone, but she feels .. right.. alone, right now. She lets off a long yawn, her sharp lil canines showing off their pointiness.

She's about to curl up on her seat, when an fluffy, black furred ear perks up. Someone she knows has come in.. it's not too hard to tell, what with the foot steps being quite distinctive.. Dainty, light, indicating female.. yet sure of herself.. The specific gait is what gives it away though. She perks up another ear, waiting to see if she's noticed.. but then decides better on that. She slowly gets up, making sure to keep hidden as much as she can, and sneaks out wide, trying to let the din of the club hide her presence more then anything.

With a sudden mewl, and a quick movement, she pounces. And in a flurry of her own very long bright red hair, she hits her target who exclaims with a loud gasp, barreling her over, making sure to land on her own back to cushion the impact of the fall. The woman she pounced is taller then herself. ... well, so is most of the rest of the world, but.. still! She's also very furry. Incredibly soft, brown fur covers this other woman, from head to toe. A very human face looks at her own, and Kat grins up at her, pushing in to give her a fierce, long kiss, her arms still holding the other woman tight. She reaches up, targeting the other female's soft, brown furry ears, her hands stroking incredible fur where-ever the other woman's garment doesn't cover.. and since she's in a .. well, hard to describe, but perhaps fetish gear might work. A corset like bodice, almost leather cups on her breasts, and is pretty sure it's leather panties too.

Sevvy!! Hey! It wasn't all too big of a coincidence they met here.. Kat had invited her over to join her at the club a while ago. She'd ben waiting for Sev, for quite a while. Sev smiles, and cuddles into Katrina, and both of them purr quite happily at seeing each other. They end up in a little nuzzle fest, both licking at each other's cheeks as their noses tickle each other. Kat mews a little, and softly pushes up on Sev, who helps them both get to their feet. They hug for quite a while longer, neither one caring how much of a spectacle they make of themselves, both rocking together slowly.

Somehow, their rocking slowly ends up moving them over to the dance floor. Kat glances around, then grins up at Sev, who smiles down at her. "May I have this dance?" Kat blushes, nodding to the taller neko, purring as she watches the other woman's tail, purring fiercer when they embrace, and start to slowly dance, rocking back and forth to the music. Sev can't contain herself, and slowly starts to kiss Katrina, their lips brushing together, over and over again. Kat gazes up, watching as Sev does the same, gazing down lovingly into those bright blue eyes, that obviously return the affection.

Kat winks up at the taller neko, purring softly as she evolves the kiss into something more passionate. She feels Sev's tongue start to wiggle it's way into her mouth, and she grins slightly in the kiss, then parts her lips conciderably for the other woman's tongue, as both felines purr intently for the other. She slowly starts suckling upon it, quivering in pleasure at having such an intimate gesture given to her. She purrs even more, as she feels Sev's hands drop down, resting upon her hips. The little kitten is wearing a black and crimson red dress.. an almost gothic lolita style outfit, with a whole lot of frills around the wrists and conciderably more in the skirt itself.

Kat lets off a very soft mew at the end of the kiss, then tries to reignite that same kiss, pressing their lips together once more, purring with burning passion for the taller neko. Katrina slowly drops her head, mewling as she falls to stand on her own again, her height just tall enough that she can press very close to Sev, and have her head positioned softly right between the taller neko's breasts. She slowly shakes her head, rubbing her right cheek against Sev's left breast, and her left cheek against the other neko's right breast, purring as she feels the warmth and closeness to this other, lovely neko. She feels Sev's hands pulling their hips together, rocking softly as she feels her Sevvy's body close to her own, and slowly slips her tail up to curl it around the base of Sev's own tail, squeezing their furry appendages together softly. Both are oblivious to the stares they recieve, as the two felines are obviously one hundred percent -in to- each other.. almost as if they are blocking out the entire outside world, and just in their own little world filled with love and affection.

Sev's tail starts to play with Katrina's, chasing it as the little kitten tries to curl around it, rubbing them together very well. Kat quivers in pleasure, feeling the other feline's tail against her own drives her into a state of tingliness that she always loves. She mewls, as she feels one of Sev's hands slowly slide down between them, and meeps softly when she feels Sev press her head into her chest. She completely forgot about the hand traveling down.. well.. until that hand bypasses her skirt, and with a louder purr, starts to stroke at Katrina's lower, softly silky smooth, shaven lips, through the dress's bottom.

Katrina bites her lower lip softly when she feels that hand touch her sex, even through clothing. She lets off a soft insistant mew, quivering as she starts licking Sevvy's chest, over and over, wetting the area of fur between her breasts. Oh Sev!! I Love you kitty. She purrs fiercer, as her tail keeps playing with the other kitten's, desperately wishing Sev got the same magnitude of pleasure out of the tail's play as Kat does.

Sev smiles, looking down at Katrina, purring in bluss as she 'hears' the other woman's words. She purrs in return, "I love you too my little kitten, so very much!" Sev's thoughts are on that tail.. and how it is the only thing she really likes within her. She pushes firmer against Katrina's sex, rubbing until it slowly slips between her still clothed sex lips. Katrina quivers, wiggling her body slowly, making that finger rub against her a little more, as she contemplates the same thing Sev is. She wishes she could use her own tail and her Mate's on this pretty kitten. Katrina can't help it, and she softly hops up, to kiss Sevvy fiercely, mewing and purring, as Sev slowly starts to slip a finger past her dress, and starts to find and stroke at Katrina's clit. Kat quivers and mews, slipping back down to the ground, her legs parting to let Sev's fingers have so much easier access, and slowly moves her head over to nuzzle against Sev's soft breasts. She slowly slips her nose in between the fabric and her fur, and then uses that access to start licking Sev's chest, purring at the soft fur tickling her tongue. She keeps nuzzling her nose over farther, exposing Sev's breast to the room, not caring any more who sees what they are doing, who see's Sev's exposed chest, nor who sees her own exposed sex.

Katrina mews, fiercely, as she feels Sev's fingers start to pull and tug at her clit, quivering fiercely as they start to roll her sensitive nub, and stroke her. Katrina's mouth parts, and starts to suckle upon Sev's nipple, as the one she's assaulting leans her head back in a mewy moan, purring fiercely as she ignores the fact that they are making quite a scene. "Mmhhh! Kat!" She moans, as Katrina's tongue flicks across that sensitive nipple, and makes her own mewy moans at Sev's fingers upon her own sex. Kat lets out a mrowl, soft but still noticeable in the air, and reaches up to expose the taller feline's other nipple, and begins rubbing at it with her fingers. After a moment or two, she starts to alternate between which nipple she is licking, as she purrs fiercely into those nubs. She slowly reaches down with her other hand, and starts to tug and push against Sev's lower clothing, and slowly works her fingers in to start rubbing Sev's sex lips.

Sevra moans in bliss with the finger, moaning out through broken whimpers of pleasure, "Kaat yes Kat please loovee.." Kat's finger rubs more and more, eliciting more moans, and slowly Sev dips a finger into Kat's sex, and starts to stroke at her g-spot. Kat almost falls over right there, her body quivering and quaking with pleasure. Her finger starts to slip into Sev, doing much the same, starting to stroke and rub sev's g-spot, while her thumb moves in to help rub her clit. Kat starts to mew, more and more, feeling the electricity of the air of the club, as it seems like a good portion of the patrons are watching, holding their breaths for the coming explosion. And this kitten is very very close to exploding. She feels her wetness slowly starting to trickle down, dipping into her stockings, as she quivers and wiggles.

Sevvy cannot control herself any longer, and she drops down, to push her head down under Katrina's dress. She starts to lick, her fingers moving in to assault Kat's g-spot exclusively now, her other hand holding Kat's dress bottom out of the way. Her tongue starts to assault Kat's sex, licking up and down wildly, brushing her sensitive clit over and over, as Kat mewls with pleasure. She falls over backwards, falling onto the ground with her legs spread wide, her back arching with pleasure, presenting herself even more to this lovely kitten. She mews fiercely, feeling her sex tingle more and more, feeling so close to orgasm. She lifts her fingers up, wanting to stroke Sev's sex more and more, but is unable to.. and gives those fingers a lick. She purrs as she tastes Sev's sexy honey, desiring more.. but she figures out another way to please her loving kitten. Katrina slowly wraps her tail around the length of Sev's tail, and then bends them, guiding the tips of both of their tails up and slowly into Sev's sex, as Kat idly wonders if Sev's played with herself with her own tail.

Sev has done so, but this is new.. Never has she had two tails within her, and she finds this a very very erotic experience. She gasps with a loud mew and rowl, quivering in pleasure as those tails slip into her sex, quivering as her love starts to play within her. Both her and Kat know that everyone else know exactly what is going on between the two of them, but neither one cares. Sev tries to push a second, and a third finger into Katrina's sex, to thank her for the pleasure that their tails are giving her, but Katrina mews a soft protest when she tries to push the third in. Kat's sex is extremely tight.. Two fingers alone are pushing it a little much. Katrina quivers and quakes though, with that second finger, feeling it stretch her sex. Sev's face works into the red headed pussy Kat's pussy, her lips taking that sensitive clit into her mouth and sucks hard upon it, working it over with her lips and tongue, while her fingers probe Katrina's g-spot more. Kat squeels softly, moaning and groaning, her voice a soft mewl in the air of the club, as every muscle within her starts to tense. It feels like an eternity, but finally the dam breaks, and Katrina gasps a loud, mewy moan, as she cums hard upon the floor of the club, her juices softly squirt against Sevvy's lips. She usually doesn't do much in that respect, but the fact that all those eyes are upon her.. That has made Katrina extremely horny, and quite juicy, much to the delight of her licker.

With the advent of her orgasm, Katrina starts to squiggle their tails that much fiercer within Sev. Though her own grip on Sev's tail slowly loosens, since she can't really move it for her and please her well at the same time. She does, however, take this time to find out where Sev loves to be stroked the most, within her.. by following Sev's tail's movements, and findig out what she focuses on most. Files that away in her climax foggy mind, purring deeply as she contemplates how best to use that information. Katrina mewls, her body shifting, her hips rolling slightly, mewing insistantly to Sev not to stop her licking, that Kat would love more attention, and Sev starts to get the hint. She continues licking as she lowers her own body to the ground, reaching down with one hand to massage at her own clit, even though Katrina's tail is already attacking it softly.

Sev guides Kat's tail, at slowly stretching the taller feline's walls. Katrina complies, though she knows she doesn't like to be stretched herself. Also has a feeling Sev doesn't.. but sometimes.. it just feels sooo damn good to her that she loves it. This is one of those times. Kat's tail works with Sev's, to please her, to rub her sensitive spots, and help stretch her. Slowly at the stretching, Sev starts to cum, the sensation of Kat's tail rubbing her sensitive spots, and both her own tail and Kat's stretching her is too much. Kat mews at the feeling of Sev's sex squeezing their tails so hard, mews at the feeling of Sev's sex spilling it's honey out onto her tail, quivers when she feels that squeezing intensify around her tail, which drives her into her own heightened climax. Katrina squiggles and wiggles upon the floor, mewing out fiercely as she cums for the second time, knowing everyone in the room could tell exactly what's just happened, especially from the sweet smell of their juices.

The two of them moan and groan in exstacy, quivering as they both cum hard. Katrina mews, and slowly starts to pull her kitty lover up, and kiss her fiercely, tasting herself on Sev's tongue, and shuddering at the implications of it. She quivers as they slowly come down from the heights of passion, both of them desiring to be able to lay here, forever, in one anothers arms.. Kat's mind goes to what she would do, her tail wiggling softly as she contemplates it, thinking she would love to spend eternity laying on the ground, snuggling with Sev, cuddling with Sev, pleasuring Sev. Knows the taller feline would love to do the same.