Monday, April 23, 2007

Something different.. Dryer fun

Okay.. So I'm gonna try something different this time. First person perspective.. Let's see how this one goes! Enjoy!


I slowly walk downstairs, sighing slightly as I tote a basket of clothing downstairs. I set it down, glancing around the basement, my feet suddenly feeling quite cold on the cement floor. With a little shrug, I slowly start to remove the clothing from the wash, and transfer it over to the dryer, my little black ears slowly swiveling back and forth, scanning for sounds. I hear a very soft footstep, but I choose to ignore it.. for now. After I close the dryer, I start to load the other load of clothing into the washer, mewing softly as I do. It is late at night.. when I usually do these sorts of things.. so.. after a moment of concideration, I slowly slip off my sleek nightie, careful not to pull on my long red hair, and toss it into the wash too. I step out of my jammies' bottoms, and stuff them in, along with the panties I generally never wear. After I close the washer's door, and put all the soaps and stuffs into it, I turn it on, and move over to the dryer to do the same. But.. I notice something behind me.. someone.. Someone I know. After I turn the dryer on, I spin around, to catch my loving Mate watching me.

See.. Maya and I have this way of talking.. without speaking. Not sure how.. perhaps we can just read each other that well. The way she looks at me.. She's accusing me of being naughty! Just because I decided to wash all the clothes I have at the same time.. and have ended up naked. I shake my head.. there isn't anything naughty about what I'm doing! Not a single thing.. then the glint in my eye turns mischievious, and I turn around.. and bend over, wiggling my tanned, firm, shapely sexy ass in her direction, grinning. Now.. If she wants it to be naughty.. that's a whole different story. I wiggle, not expecting anything, but suddenly I feel her tongue between my lower lips. I gasp with surprise, mewing softly, as I shudder slightly. I let off a soft whimper, falling over so my arms are resting on the shaking dryer, my legs parting just slightly for that tongue, as my tail flicks up and curls around Maya's head, to pull her closer, not wanting her to lick and run.

I need this sort of attention from her, badly, from Maya. I need it often, though I know that can be tough.. my sex drive is soo much greater then most others I know. I gasp, feeling that tounge searching over my sex, quivering as I end up leaning down upon the shaking dryer, my chin upon my slightly crossed arms. Another soft, needy gasp escapes my lips, as I feel that tongue press between my wet lips, searching over my pussy. I cannot help but let off mewy moans of pleasure as I feel that tongue start to search me even more. My mate knows what each one of those mewy moans means, each one of them a soft gasping of her name. I feel the heat, the warmth of my Love for this other kitty, and cannot help but let that emotion spread farther, let it influence the ministrations she is giving me. My own tail moves, unwrapping from Maya's head, knowing that she won't quit on me now, and I let it hang in the air for the time being, quivering as I try to get a grip on my mind.

I gasp once more, as I feel her tongue start to uncover, and focus soley on my clit. That sends me into wiggles of pleasure, as my body slowly keeps slipping forwards upon the dryer. I gasp yet again, mewing into more moans of even greater pleasure when I feel her tail start to tickle at my wetness, when I feel that tail delve into my wet sex. That tail.. is one of the few things I actually enjoy within me. A finger to play with my G-spot is fine.. but I generally do not like penetration. But this.. This tail within me.. My Maya's tail.. My Soul Mate's tail.. That, I truely enjoy it's probing within me. I try and loop my own tail around, to search into my Mate's pants, and return the favor.. but my tail is swatted away. She wants me to enjoy without retort. I shudder and squeeze about the tail, mewling as I feel it wiggle within me, quivering and quaking as I feel it stroking and playing within me, accompanied by Maya's suckling upon my clit. I let off another long, mewy moan, a loud gasping of pleasure following it, my Maya's ministrations almost too much for me. That and the fact that I'm getting vibrated from the dryer doesn't hurt either. I wiggle, mewling as I feel my body tighten, as I feel pleasure start to flood my senses. I don't fight it.. I want the pleasure, I want Maya's ministrations to get me off as much as possible. My body convulses softly, my sex clenching against Maya's tail in rhythmic contractions as I cum, mewling as I feel my body sing with pleasure, squeeking out another mew as I feel my sex drench Maya's tail more then it already was, when I feel my sex squirt it's honey slightly against Maya's nose, which is burried next to her own tail in my sex, making my honey coat her face slightly.

I mewl with pleasure, more and more, since Maya hasn't stopped licking, and I can't help myself as I wiggle more and more against the dryer, my body still trying to recover from the previous orgasm. It's no use, though, as Maya's licking and suckling at my clit, and her wiggling within me sends me into more and more pleasure. I feel Maya's tail start to stroke my g-spot, and I lose it, giving her another giant orgasm, quaking with pleasure. I mewl, the dryer's vibrations causing it to shake and quiver even more then the orgasm's pleasure makes it. Maya licks up and down my slit, around her tail, as she slowly pulls it out of me. I mew in protest, but end up cumming hard when that tail slips out of me, quivering once more, mewing into the air as my honey spills out my pussy, thickly dripping down my legs. I mew, quivering as the dryer shakes me, and I turn slowly, so I'm facing up, laying on the dryer, and reach down to pull Maya on top of me, so I can hug her tightly, our bodies jiggling as the dryer runs it's course. I mew, wanting that tail to stay within me, and so.. I drop my tail, and curl it around the wet length of Maya's tail and bring it back up to my sex. I push it back into me, and she wiggles it around again, with me squirming. I just want to lay there, cuddling, with that tail within me. I can't help but kiss her, over and over, mewing as I enjoy our closeness, and the way the vibrations press us both together. I'm not sure how, but I fall asleep as we cuddle, dreaming of that tail, how it pleases me, though the dryer's stopping jolts me out of it.


Tiana Meriman said...

great story again ^^ i like the first person view although i think in 3rd you put in more details but it was great in 1st person view. i really like how this story was all soft and romantic ^^

Sevra said...

I prefer the 1st person as well ^.^
That was uber cute with Maya btw hehe. Tanks for replying to my blog, keep up the good work hun!

Katrina Mishow said...

You like 1st person? I find it very awkwards for me to type in 1st person.. I do much better at narrative style. ^^;