Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well. The whole reason I started this is absent. And.. well.. I don't have the motivation to do anything more. I doubt I'll post much of anything here. Fare well for now.

[edit]Sigh. Nothing. No one says bye, no one says anything.. Ah well. Gave it a shot. ._. ::Waves. Sighs.::[/edit]

[another edit] See? That's all I need.. someone that'll say something. I dun care what.. Just so I know I've got an audience. No reason to perform without one. [/edit again]

[update (instead of edit. <.< )] So.. I'm trying to think.. do I want to keep going? Or not. ._. [/update]

Whee.. Okay.. I'm going to go ahead and start up again. I'll do what I was planning to before I stopped.. then move on to new things again.. Expect something sometime soon.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Raw RP

Okay.. So I'm going to do something different today.. again. This is.. the raw form of what most of the stuff that I've posted is like. This is what it's like with me and my Loves, when we're together. ::Nods.:: Sooo.. Enjoy. ^.^ Ignore all the random spam of things in the begining. <.<; And I took out the last names.. just cuz.. If you know me in SL, you can probably find me anyway, but.. still. A little bit of privacy is a good thing.


Katrina's tail swishes at Tiana.
Pounce: You have offered to pounce Maya.
Katrina ::Mews! Pounces her bra wearing feline Love. Giggles.::
Tiana: hi maya ^^
Katrina pounces Maya !
Maya panics
Katrina ::giggles. Pulls her up and huggles her.::
Maya waves and hugs kat smiling
MultiTool-Hello-v5 - Hug/kiss/goto/etc: You have offered to hug Maya.
Katrina gives Maya a big hug.
Tiana: lol
Maya hugs u booth
Tiana: 3 way hug
Katrina [And brb real quick. ferret needs water. <.<;]
Maya: i think im laging
Maya: O.O
Tiana looks under maya skirt since she is down there ^^
Maya: ^.^
Maya holds u tight and smiles
Katrina ::Blinks, mewing a little. Wonders why she's down there. <.< Giggles and huggles them both tight.::
Tiana: kisses you softly
Couples MultiAnimator v2d: Tiana would like to animate you. Select [YES] to accept?
Couples MultiAnimator v2d: Say /99stop if you wish to stop the animation early.
Tiana: welcome back sweety
Maya kisses u booth holding u tight
Katrina ::Smiles. Huggles both, purring.::
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black) gave you SexXx Drive Instructions - PLEASE READ ME FIRST.
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black): Items for 'Select a Category' are now being loaded... Please wait.
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black): Items for 'Options' are now being loaded... Please wait.
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black): Items for 'ShutDown' are now being loaded... Please wait.
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black): Items for 'Get Freaky' are now being loaded... Please wait.
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black): Items for 'Girl Power' are now being loaded... Please wait.
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black): Items for 'Oral Pleasure' are now being loaded... Please wait.
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black): Items for 'Kiss' are now being loaded... Please wait.
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black): Items for 'Cuddle' are now being loaded... Please wait.
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black): Items for 'Spank' are now being loaded... Please wait.
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black): Items for 'Lay Together' are now being loaded... Please wait.
Katrina ::Blinks. Didn't know it came with a footstool. Giggles.::
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black): Items for 'Chill' are now being loaded... Please wait.
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black): Items for 'Tender Touch' are now being loaded... Please wait.
Maya kisses u booth and holds u tight
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black): READY
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black): 77 Menu is now active (*SexXxMenu: 2026 bytes free)
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black): 37 posepairs loaded (*SexXxSubset1: 10599 bytes free)
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black): 37 positions loaded (*SexXxPosition: 6968 bytes free)
Tiana: sooo...
Maya giggles and kissses u booth
Tiana: are you 2 planning something lol?
Maya mews wondering what she means holding u tight
Katrina ::Mews, giggles a little at Tiana. Pounces her into the couch, nuzzling her, then purring when Maya joins, and hugs both, kisses both, pulls both in for a fierce three way kiss.::
Tiana: moans into the kiss, giving it her all
Maya kisses u booth deeply holdung u two tight
Katrina ::Smiles at the moan.. Nuzzles them, then snuggles in so her cheeks press to each one of the other two females she Loves so much. Mews, and wraps her tail up so the tip is around Maya's tail, and both of their tails are kinda looped behind Tiana, to semi-hug her.::
Maya mews amd blinks and sighs happly
Tiana brushes her hand along kat hip, while her other one pulls maya closer, feeling the soft curve of her side
Maya mews and nuzzles u kissing u very deeply
Katrina ::Smiles, mew! Mew mew mew.. Mew! Mew mew, mew, mew mew. Mew! Nods. Then licks both their cheeks, kissing them both, mewing softly as she does, one hand behind Tiana's back, one hand behind Maya's.::
Tiana kisses maya back, suckling on her lower lip while her hand on kat sneaks up to kat breast, fondling it very gently and lovingly
Katrina ::Mews, smiling.. Then does something Maya would do when she's feeling playful, and unlatches both Maya and Tiana's bra's, and quickly pulls them off, in one swift movement. Giggles, and mews, then squishes into them, hugging tighter, mewing when Tiana touches her, purring fiercely.::
Tiana: /gasps in suprise as her bra is pulled off
Maya mews and blinks
Katrina ::mews, then smiles. Slips down a little, and snuggles inbetween Maya and Tiana's breasts, so one of each is touching her cheeks. Purrs, and closes her eyes, content at this spot.::
Tiana reaches down to kiss kat neck, moving her kiss down her shoulder and pushes the soft tissue of her shoulder, then using her hand on her breast she pulls it donw around her waist
Katrina ::Mew! Giggles, letting it drop down around her waist, then pulls it up, over her head and off. Wonders why the paw prints go too, but.. shrugs a little, then snuggles in firmer between the two of them, not wanting to lose her nice warm position.::
Tiana moves her hand over kat breast, feeling the nipple passing against her digits, feeling hte perfect roundness of her breast, she slips a hand down to maya ass, feeling it softly mbefore moving to the tail as she rubs it gently in her hand
Maya leans a bit to watch smiling
Katrina ::Mews! Then looks up at Maya. Climbs over to her, presses against her, wanting to feel their soft breasts pressing together.. even though Tiana's covering one of hers. Then kisses Maya softly, and rolls, mewing and pressing into Tiana, and kisses her.::
Tiana gives a small lick to kat ear as it passes by, capturing in it between her teeth and then starts to lick the edges and inside it rubbing her nose a bit inside
Maya holds them watching the two playful girls playing
Katrina ::Meeps! Mews, pressing against Tiana, so her face is between Tiana's breasts, mewing when she feels Tiana's licking on her ear, and noze in her ear. Wiggles it, quivering softly, mewling at her.::
Tiana keps going kissing and licking, suckling a bit on the tip, knowing she loves that. her hand moving down to her tail playing with it as she does with the maya tail
Katrina ::Meew! Wiggles, her face pressing against Tiana's breasts, cheeks rubbing against them as she feels Tiana's lips around her ear. Quivers and quakes, mewing, her tail wiggling as she feels Tiana's hand clasp around it. She mews, her hands sliding down Tiana's body, mewling at her softly, rubbing at her sides, her hips, pushing down past the fabric of her pants to her hips, tickling, rubbing.::
Maya relaxes and nuzzles u holding u tight
Tiana tilts her head a bit so that she can kiss an dlick in length covering the whole ear, suckling and kissing, her hand moving up to her thigh, rubbing inside of it, feelin gthe soft skin under fingers, feeling nipples becoming harder each passing minute
Katrina ::Keeps nuzzling her head back and forth between Tiana's breasts, purring more and more. Her hands move around, to her ?belt?, to undo that, then undoes the rest of her claspings on her pants, and starts to pull it down, mewing with lust and love and desire and need.::
Tiana gives out a small moan as she feels hte hand on her pants, glad that she wore easy to took off pants, she moves her hand higher, to undo kat pants also, tugging on them a bit to pull them down, trying to get them as low as she can, her face buried in the ear she she licks inside and then moves to the other giving it her attention
Katrina ::Mew! Mew mew.. Notes her pants is just a lace up thing on the side and a little on the front.. and they fall riiight down, since she is slowly sliding down herself. Mews, her face turning to give each nipple a little lick, as she pulls Tiana's pants down with, then presses her nose up against her sex, clothed or not, as her body slips down to kneel before her on the floor.::
Maya rubs there cheek and kisses them then goes back to watching
Tiana pulls away form the ear to give a kiss to maya, giving a small tug on her clothes inviting her to take them off. she then goes back to kissing the ear but also kisses her temples and down to her neck before moving back up, looking down to see kat beautiful body, feeling the wetness of her pussy starting to coat it
Maya smiles
Katrina ::Mews more, as she lets those kisses hit home.. Then drops down, now kneeling on the ground, so she's too far away for those kisses, and mews. Starts to lick at Tiana's sex, through her black panties, mewling as she does so, her tail flicking up, standing straight out for a moment, before it moves it to curl around Maya's upper left arm, and squeezes her lovingly, hoping she enjoys her show.. and noting that she's free to help at any time she feels like it.. though she doesn't have to feel like she has to. Mews, and wets Tiana's wet panties down more, with her own tongue, purring and purring as she does, mewing, wiggling her ears at Tiana, to see if she'll keep rubbing them at least, while she licks Tiana.::
Maya sighs loves u booth so very much but just isnt in the mood to join in ; ; kissses u booth
Katrina ::Knows. Notes that's why she doesn't have to feel like she has to join. If she wants, or finds that mood later.. that's fine. If not.. Enjoy! That's all. Loves Maya sooo very much. Mews, and keeps licking at the other woman she Loves so greatly.::
Maya kisses u booth deeply just happy she is with u boothh loving u booth so much watching u enjoy
Tiana nods an says " i just wanted to see your beautiful body maya" before kissing her again, she then spreads her legs wide for kat, titlting her head back as she moans, using her thumb and fingers to rub and touch her ears, feeling them and lovign them in her hands
Maya slips off her cloths
Tiana leans over to kiss maya, you are so pretty, your body alway smakes me so hot
Katrina ::Smiles. Nods at that sentiment.. Loves seeing her Maya's beautiful body unclothed.. Purrs fiercely as she nuzzles and licks at Tiana's panties, mewing as her mouth opens and starts to tug at the panties with her teeth, purring more as she starts to nibble at Tiana's clit through that soft fabric, purring even more. Mews, looking up a little, her bright crystal blue eyes watching Maya as she strips.. And mews, suddenly burning even more then she was, and pulls Tiana's panties off fiercely, then burries her face in Tiana's sex again, licking and licking at her unclothed sex.::
Katrina [::Pouts.:: I still she her with a bra on. <.<; ]
Tiana: (me too)
Katrina [Yay. ^.^ Much better.]
Tiana: (indeed i almost orgasmed seeing her naked *blushes*
Katrina ::Mews, and Gives Maya a fierce kiss, when she kisses her. Makes sure Maya tastes Tiana's juices when they kiss, then mews, and resumes her licking and assaulting at Tiana's clit, purring as she nibbles and suckles and licks at it.::
Maya accepted your inventory offer.
Tiana accepted your inventory offer.
Tiana starts to whimper as she bites her lower lip, feeling her pussy lips to to swollen as her arousal hits the roof, she tilts her head back, arching her back a bit
Maya thinks u two look gorgiose
Katrina ::Mew! Mewss fiercely into that pussy, quivering, licking at that clit, mewing as she reaches up, and starts to press her fingers into Tiana's sex, rubbing and stroking within her, to press up into her g-spot as she sucks and licks, and nibbles. Keeps assaulting that clit relentlessly, watching Tiana's back arch, her sensitive ears flicking with the moaning.::
Tiana starts to breath more heavily, already feeling the orgasm as it approaches, giving out small cries as she feels the powerful waves crash thru her defences, she moves her hands to the couch holding on to it as her hips start to rock
Katrina ::Mews fiercely, her fingers rubbing at that spot within her, quivering as she sucks hard upon that clit, licking and purring against it, wanting to bring her orgasm off as hard as she possibly can, as long as she can hold it. Her tail squeezes Maya's arm as she feels Tiana's orgasm start to build, as she feels those hips rock, and her face moves with it.::
Maya rubs there cheek and nuzzles
Tiana whimpers and screams as she feels her orgasm about to burst she warns kat screamin that she is going to squirt, her hips rocking quickly and her pussy becoming red as all the blood rushes therem the stimulation so good and amazing, she grips the couch a bit harder, her nails digging into it as she her chest moves up and down, with each breath
Katrina ::Mewww~~! Her tail squeezes hard around Maya's arm, lovingly, knowing the damn is about to burst, and switches her fingers and mouth, so her fingers are squeezing and rubbing at her clit, her mouth pressed fierce against Tiana's sex, her tongue delving into her as deep as she possibly can, curling up to try to rub her g-spot with her tongue.. even if it's too short. She keeps trying though, knowing the stimulation is a good thing, her lips sealed around Tiana's hole, to catch all the squirting, to catch every single drop of that honey in her mouth, extremely hungry for that love juice.::
Maya cuddles nuzzling
Tiana with a power scream my orgarsm explodes in her, a shock wave of pleasure coursing thru my whole body, her pussy erupting like a geyser as she squirts, her honey gushing out in a small river , she screams a loud thank you and some curses as her body rattles with uncontrolloble pleasure
Katrina ::She tries to mew, but it comes out as a little gurgle as she tries to drink in all the honey Tiana gives her. She mewls more and more, her tongue still deep within her, trying to keep stimulating her, her fingers still rubbing wildly. Her other hand is down between her own legs, softly rubbing at her own sex, unable to keep herself from doing that as she licks and pleasures Tiana as much as possible. She thinks she's about to drown herself with Tiana's cum, though she wouldn't mind going that way at all..::
Tiana with half closed eyes she notices her love is pleasing herself, she smiles and ask her if she want to move to the couch where they could move in a positio nwhere they can both please each other
Maya moves not joining just helping rubing there breasts well they ^.^ focus on more senstive parts ^.^
Katrina ::Mew, and giggles as she feels Maya move and start rubbing at their breasts. Pokes within Tiana, mewing, her tongue still deep within her.. Then nods a little.. though she has a better idea.:: [Hop on the pose when it rez's. ^.~ ] ::Mews a little more, and pushes against Tiana, so her body moves, then crawls up and lays upon her, her sex hovering over Tiana's face, as she keeps her head burried in Tiana's sex, licking and licking and licking more and more.::
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black) whispers: Let the lovin' begin
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black) whispers: Female 69
Katrina [Nonono.. Not there.. Hold on a bit.]
Tiana: (oops sorry)
Katrina [Tryin to find a pose ball.. I dont' want to move off the couch. ::Nods.:: I dunno where it went though. o.o;]
Tiana: (ah okie)
Katrina [It's not there.. What the? >< Grrr.]
Tiana pulls her by her legsm pressing the beautiful pussy against her face as she starts to lick at her clit, feeling her honey smother her chen lips and nose as she moves all over her
Katrina [._. Okay, just use the couch then. ::Huggles. Pouts.:: Wanted to stay close to Maya so she can stroke us too.]
Katrina [Kay, so where's the switch button? O.o]
Tiana: (nods i wish she was closer
Tiana: (hehe slide us over ther
Katrina [Hrm.. I wonder. o.o ]
Katrina [Hrm.]
Maya: O.O
Tiana: (lets go back to the 3 way poseballs
Tiana: (i want maya close to us)
Tiana moves my fingers down kat betwenn her legs, slipping my gingers inside her as i star tto move my fingers slowly
Katrina ::mews. Squishes herself into Tiana, mewing as she feels Tiana's tongue slip up against her own clit. She wiggles, mewing, as she feels Tiana's tongue slip into her. Quivers and quakes, then burries her head in Tiana's sex, wiggling her pert bottom at Maya as Tiana and herself lick away at each other. Her tongue keeps assaulting Tiana's clit, no matter what else happens, needing her to feel all that love all her affection.::
Tiana licks at kat slit furiously, giving long licks of her pointy tongue, spreadning the lips and hitting the clit with every stroke of her tongue, her hand rubbing the small nub and pressing on it hard as she moves her hand quickly in a vibration mood, she spreads her legs, giving as much access to her love as possible
Katrina ::She squeezes her legs around Tiana's face, quivering as she feels that tongue dipping into her much needy sex, mewing as that tongue touches her clit with each pass, quaking with the hand's movement, her hips wiggling back and forth against Tiana's face. Her own tongue delves deep, mewing as she licks and licks, her tongue alternating from digging deep within Tiana's sex, and rubbing her clit, her fingers moving to do the same thing, opposite her tongue. Her tail stands straight up with the pleasure, curling only so it can stay wrapped lovingly around Maya's arm.::
Tiana moans as she feels the strong legs around her head, trapping her against the beautiful pussy she desires so much, she captures the small nub with her lips, suckiling on it and nibbling, pushing her fingers inside her, fucking her quickly, her honey falling on her chin and down her neck, she moans and her stomach become, tight her hips lifting up a bit to prsse the tongue harder against her
Katrina ::That tongue presses hard against her, as she pushes her face down. Her back arches, pressing her body down against Tiana's, pressing her sex fierce against Tiana's face, her legs spreading now to let her in as deep as she can. She mews fiercely, quivering with excitement, her sex tingling with each lick, feeling like she could explode right now if she wanted.. She mews fiercely, sucking that clit of Tiana's into her mouth further, harder, her tongue wildly licking at that little nub, her fingers spreading and wiggling as she starts to thrust them in and out of her Tiana, mimicing Tiana's movements a little. She starts thrusting those fingers in and out hard, sucking harder on that clit, her mind feverent to show her all the Love bottled up in her. Her tail wiggles, and lovingly squeezes Maya's arm more.::
Tiana moans louder as she feels another climax approaching, she presses her face deeper against the small bun, suckling on it hard, pressing on it with her tongue also when she doesnt suckle, her fingers starting to pump faster and faster, hooking her fingers to hit that special spot. giving all her attention to her, wanting her to orgasm, wanting her to release all of her sweet juices onto her
Katrina ::She's already close.. She's been close since they started licking. She's had so little attention of this type lately.. that she's extremely sensitive.. Needs to feel that sensation, so her body is driving it to come faster. She mewls as she feels all that sweet pleasure pouring into her through Tiana's ministrations. She tries to pour out all the same pleasure into Tiana, her licking and suckling and pounding of fingers aimed to hit as deep and thuroughly against Tiana's love spots as she can, wanting to pump as much pleasure into her. Her body clenches, back arching some more, her sex clenching with pleasure, around the fingers within her, squeezing them so hard she's almost afraid she'll break them.. restrains that, though it's very hard, as she keeps herself held at the brink of orgasm, whimpering as she tries to drive Tiana into another orgasm, so she cums with her Love.::
Tiana gives out a small whimper as she tries to hold back but she cant and with another scream her pussy erupts like a volcano, gushing its clear and sticky fluid as she cums hard, she slams her face into her love pussy pumping her fingers into her and licking the lips and clit with animalistic fury, using the amazing power of her orgasm to fuel all of he rpassion for her
Lusting Leather Papasan (Black) whispers: Relax
Katrina ::Her own passion has been at a pique for quite a while, her face burried into Tiana's sex. When she feels Tiana whimper, when she feels that scream, her own orgasm pushes its way past her hold, and she explodes, mewing as she feels her honey splish softly against Tiana's forhead, mewing even more fiercely as she feels Tiana's gush hit her own forhead. She moves her head, so that splish coats her face, wanting to feel it covering her as she Loves Tiana so much. She keeps suckling, keeps licking, keeps wiggling her tongue along with her hips, gasping with all the pleasure coursing through her.::
Tiana: (lol right in the forehead XD)
Tiana presses her lips to her pussy as she hears the new so descriptive of her intense pleasure, the hot, and sticky liquid pouring into he ropen mouth as she cums, she feels the body clench over her, licking the pink lips, exciting her even more,prolonging her orgasm to the limit
Katrina ::The prolonging doesn't last for all that long.. No, not long at all.. Instead.. it just makes her cum again, her whole body shaking as she feels that tongue driving her to more passionate mewing. She can't help herself, gasping with pleasure as she burries her face against Tiana's sex again, her own pussy squeezing hard as she feels herself about to cum for her second time, quivering and quaking, wishing she could make Tiana feel the same.::
Tiana keeps licking as much as she can knowing the logner she stimulates her, the more she will cum, her tongue moves up and down on the small clit, pressing on it as she flicks it, holding her tight so she cannot move awat, licking and kissing, the smell of her juices filling her senses
Katrina ::Her mews sound more, almost sounding like Tiana's name, moaning out as she squeezes her sex, her body rocking as she feels Tiana's hands holding her tightly. She mews again, this time it's definately a mew of Tiana's name, her body quaking as she releases more honey for her Tiana, her sex clenching as she cums again, mewing fiercely as she does, her body shaking and shivering. She forces herself to lick Tiana's slit more, wanting her to feel the same, though the effort is hard as she cums again..::
Maya kisses u booth couse she just adores u booth so much
Tiana kisses maya back, i adore you too
Katrina ::Does the same.. though that means she pushes Tiana's face down with her pussy. Turns to kiss Maya, one hand still down, stroking Tiana's sex, as she leaves it for the moment to give her Loving Mate a kiss, and a soft hug.. wanting her to taste the honey that's thick upon her tongue, that tastes so much like Tiana. She mews, and falls back down, whimpering in pleasure as she burries her face against Tiana's sex again, licking her more nad more.::
Maya streads chocolate on booth of your pies ^.^ then mews leting u two have fun with that giggling watching
Tiana as feels the pussy press on her she uses that opprtunity to pushe her tongue inside, and voes it in and out, pleasing her with her tongue as she wiggles it inside, rubbign agains ther g-spot
Tiana gigles at maya and take some of the chocolate and puts it on her stomach then licks it all off
Katrina ::She collapses even faster as she feels that tongue assaulting her g-spot, again. Her body quivers and quakes, mewing as she starts to cum once more, mewing as her head is off to the side.. a nd blinks when she watches Maya pour chocolate on Tiana's sex. She mews, and absolutely devours it, licking and licking and licking as that taste combines with Tiana's.. and sets in her mind forever. Mewls again, unable to control her licking, wanting to pour all this emotion into Tiana, and unable to pour as much as she wants.. the volume is just too great.::
Maya smiles watching ^.^
Tiana helps her to turn around as she pulls her up and kisses her softly, tastign her own juices on her lips as she shares her taste with hers, holding her tight as she hugs her, pouring he rlove i nthe kiss and hugs, she then reaches over to kiss maya hoping she had a good time too
Katrina ::mews, whimpering softly, pressing her leg between Tiana's, wiggling and rubbing so their sexes touch, as she kisses her lover fiercely, mewing as she presses against her, which just makes Tiana pres sinto Maya. Mews fiercely, then slips over a little, her lips parting from Tiana's, to kiss Maya fiercely.::
Maya kisses back and hugs kat and then lets get go back to indalging ^.^
Tiana gives out a small ywan as she slumps over and rests he rhead on maya shoulder, while holding kat tightly against her
Katrina ::Mews.. Nuzzles into Tiana, rubbing aginst her still. Hugs her back, tightly, mewling softly. Kisses her deeply, mewling.::
Maya giggles and gives tiana a energy drink
Maya kisses them booth deeply
Maya softly pulls kat over to rests her head on her lap and smiles thinking she poped our lovely tiana out :)
Tiana: lol she did she alway sdoes XD
Tiana: good thing i had a nap firs tthough or i wouldnt have lasted past the first orgasm lol
Maya pokes kats noise couse she has a talent
Maya: hehe
Katrina ::Mews.. Giggles, nodding softly. Ends up pulled over against Maya, and snuggles in against her, purring fiercely.::
Maya: and now its my turn for 2 hours
Maya: jk
Katrina ::Mew? Looks up at Maya with hopeful eyes. Then blinks.::
Maya strokes kats ears and runs her head agenst the top of tianas head
Maya checks to see were kat keeps her batterys
Katrina ::Pouts a bit, then mews and wiggles playfully against Maya.. since she's on Maya's lap now, makes sure to have her legs spread, to rub against Maya's leg with her sex. Giggles, mewling.::
Tiana: is it okie if i go to bed?
Maya: lol
Tiana: me tired, kat wore me out
Maya kisses tiana
Maya: if u must
Katrina ::blinks.. Then rereads things. <.<; Shrugs as she misread it, and then nuzzles against Maya. Climbs over to Tiana, and hugs her again, rubbing her, nuzzling her softly, kissing her fiercely.::
Tiana: mmmh it will be a good sleep
Tiana: i'll dream about the two of you, my loves
Katrina ::Mews. Nods, purring, smiling. Kisses her again, hugging.::
Maya kisses tiana and nuzzles her
Tiana: good night kat and maya, thank you so much for the pleasure and happyness you bring me
Maya hopes she sleeps well nini belovid tiana
Tiana kisses the both of you and smiles
Katrina ::Mews, holding Tiana as long as she can.::
Maya nods
Tiana: i wouldnt be able to let you do that
Tiana: if you drown you will die and i wouldnt be able to live without you
Tiana: dont go to bed to late ok?
Tiana: and no talking about me while i'm gone lol
Katrina ::Mews. Lets her go, then crawls over to Maya's lap, and snuggles into her, hugging her fiercely, her body still warm from the exertion. Kisses Maya fiercely, purring, hugging her, glad she was here, even if it was just to watch. Then giggles at Tiana, sticking her still honey coated tongue out at her.::
Tiana giggles and kisses the both of you again and poofs