Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Sexy Stripper

Again with the warning. I feel it's needed. This blog contains very graphic sexual content, including decidedly lesbian neko musume. Enjoy if it's legal for you to see, leave if it's not. This actually happened in SL, so.. names other then my own have been left out, to provide privacy to those that either do not know about this blog, do not want their names out, or just haven't cleared it.

An FYI.. since the blog uses html, I cannot use my normal <>'s for my character's speach. So I will use italics instead.

Well, anyway.. without further adieu, here is my story.


Katrina sighs. It has been a long day, for the poor girl. Besides the fact that not having a home is slowly taking it's toll upon her emotions, her body is being aggrivated just as badly. The night before was wonderful, although irritating to her... eight gorgeous naked women basking in the heat of the hot tub along with the red headed kitten. Katrina is one hundred percent positive that alot more happened in that tub then what she was privy to. All she knows for sure, though, is how much she tried to get the participants to do in a more.. public fashion. Needless to say, after trying for well over five hours to get a few of her friends more.. involved with her, and becoming more and more sexually frustrated at the fact that all her ticklings and rubbings and advances seemed to just be ignored, she started to give up. In heat, horny and defeated, never a good position to be in, especially when every touch is magnified a hundred times more pleasurable.

But now, at least, she is able to snuggle with her Mate. Kat's eyes look up to the pretty female, taking in her raven hair, tips dyed bright pink, look up at her purple ears, and pretty face. Snuggling so close to one she Loves so dearly helps much. The two of them are sitting off to the side of the dance stage, in a new-ish but popular strip club, in some sort of three fourths of an oval bench. The seat is large, open on part of it, easily able to seat six or more patrons, and at least two of the other seats are occupied. In the middle of this bench, is a small circular platform, raised just a few inches off the ground. On this platform, is a single brass dance pole, the kind you see in strip clubs like this, and upon this dance pole, there is an incredibly pretty woman, who just happens to be a neko like Katrina and her mate are. The woman has raven hair, a very cute face, pouty lips, and brown fur upon her ears and tail.

Katrina sighs again, shifting in her seat, feeling just a little uncomfortable. She never likes wearing clothing, though she does it to keep her mate happy, even in her horny condition, and to protect herself, at least a little bit, from the ones that would definately take advantage of her prefered state of undress. The red headed kitten has a see through silk shirt on, black and extremely transparant, and upon each breast, there is a black pastey kitten's paw, the pads positioned to let her perky little nipples poke out very easily, to be seen by the rest of the world. She is wearing long arm warmers, red and black stripes upon them, and just as long stockings. Pants are a little less revealing then she usually has on, as they are a pair of dark black hot pants, shorts so short you would think they were more panties, if they did not still have parts to cover the leg.

Once more she sighs, and squeezes herself tight against her Lovely Lover, her long slender tail wrapping itself around her Mate's body, around her stomach once, or maybe twice, as she mews with her near inaudible voice. Looking up at her Mate's eyes once again, she notes that they are firmly upon the dancer on the dance pole between the bench, and she smiles, and does the same, looking up at the third pretty female. She looks back down at the Lovers, and gets a decidedly naughty expression. She dances seductively for a few minutes, then slowly lowers herself down, and sits upon the lap of the larger, raven haired neko. Katrina mews very softly with surprise, and leans back slightly, so the other two nekos, her Mate and the stripper, can kiss, and watches intently as they make out before her. She cannot help but start to become even more horny as she watches them. She shifts up a small amount, so she can kiss her Mate's cheek, and then settles back in, nearly a foot away from the two, so she can watch them. Katrina and her Mate are in an obviously open relationship. Neither of them denies the other what they would like to do, with whomever they would like to do it with, though both reserve themselves, for the most part, for the ones they truely love. The tiny red headed kitten's attention is so focused upon the two in front of her, she does not even notice that the brown furry tail is slowly making it's way over to her.

With a gasp, Katrina looks down when that brown tail tickles right above the top of her hotpants. She lets out a mewy gaspy moan, as the stripper looks into her Mate's eyes, curious if she could do more. Katrina's hand moves down, to start rubbing at that tail, her body quiveringly hot, and very obviously aroused. The hand keeps rubbing at the brown tail, as she slowly works the zipper to her pants open, very obviously inviting her to play. The brown furred neko takes the hint, and slowly pushes her tail down into those pants, and gives off a mew of her own when she feels Katrina's wetness unguarded by any kind of panties. Katrina mews a soft moan, her back arching just slightly with the soft tickle of the tail against her sex, and slowly kneels up a bit, to wiggle her hips and legs enough that the pants slide down. She kicks them off of her, her legs spread just enough so that her Love, the brown haired one, and the other patrons could see her glistening sex quite easily. The brown tail takes it's opportunity to push it's way into the red head, thrusting hard into her sex. Katrina almost falls backwards with a squeel, and reaches down to grab the tail, halting it's hard advance. Her actions try to convey that she does not like hard, that she wants a more soft experience, and it seems her actions are duely noted, for the brown furred neko starts to softly wiggle her tail within the red head's sex instead. Her knees give out, her bottom dropping down just to her ankles, her legs spread lewdly, and she lets out another mewy moan, her back arching again with the intensity of the sensations.

Neko and Kat's Mate share more open mouthed kisses, turning the poor red head on even more. Her body begins to react even greater to the stimulation, sending shivers and tingles through her body as the tail wiggles within her. An extremely pleasureable spike of tingling winds its way through her, and she almost falls over onto the bench from there. Neko takes this opportunity to softly push Katrina down, disengaging herself from the other raven haired kitten, and then lowers herself down. She pulls her tail out from within Katrina's throbbing, needy, wet sex, and starts to slowly lick the smaller kitten's pussy, up and down. Katrina's mind explodes from the sensations, her back pressed down upon the bench begins to arch up again, her hands moving up to start rubbing at her own achy hard nipples, trying to relieve a little of their pressure.. but that just sends more and more tingles throughout her. She mews, another soft moan upon the air of the club, not caring if all the eyes were upon her being pleasured by the other kitty. The tongue assaulting her sex slowly slides up, and begins stimulating her clit. By the second lick, Katrina's mind is completely engulfed in the pleasure, and knows her time is soon. The third lick makes Katrina's legs fall apart, her left leg dropping down to hang over the side of the bench, her right leg softly pressing it's way behind her Mate, as her back arches even more, her hands falling down from stimulating her own nipples, to let the whole club see how aroused she is, her mewy moans punctuating the naughty kitten's actions. The fourth lick sends the red head over the edge, her body starting to tighten as the fifth lick hits her. The sixth lick makes the feeling more intense, as the red headed kitten's sex squeezes, letting her slight honey flow as she cums hard.

The one licking Katrina smiles with contentment as she cleans the red head's sex off. She sits up and licks her lips, looking down at Katrina.. but Katrina isn't done yet. She wants.. no, she needs more, and she reaches down, through all the sensations clogging her mind, and starts to rub at her own sex, quivering as her fingers stimulate her already over-hyper-stimulated clit. She rubs furiously, and quickly brings herself off with another powerful orgasm before her mind shuts her body down. She wiggles around on the bench, her hips gyrating slowly, squirming and mewing her soft moans, as she lets herself enjoy the pleasure writhing through her, and lets her audience enjoy watching her. She gasps softly as an aftershock tickles through her, almost setting her off again. After a good five, ten minutes, Katrina slowly sits up, with a soft, almost sad that the action is over, mew, and glomps herself into her Mate and the other neko's arms, squeezing both of them tight. She kisses each, over and over, before the brown furred Neko slowly goes back to her dance pole, licking her own tail clean. Katrina turns her attentions and affections upon her Soul Mate, kissing and licking her lips and cheeks, Loving her completely and absolutely, appreciating her Love's allowance on Katrina's sexual needs. She smiles, and softly kisses her Love again, unable to contain her emotions. I Love you.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Lonely Hot Tub

Okay.. Here's the warning: This contains graphic sexual material. If you don't want to read that, or are restricted by law, or whatever, please leave now. This is not marked as a public blog, for that reason, though anyone that wishes to read it may. It is for those I know or just simply encounter on SL, or just random friends to read.

So.. Without further adieu.. the first story:


She sighs, her body floating in the warm water of the large, red hot tub. She is trying to relax, trying to stop focusing on being alone. She wiggles about in the water, until she is laying flat, floating on top, her bare chest glittering with water as she feels her skin dry. Her nipples are.. quite erect. They usually are when she is in her heat cycle. Her sigh sounds again, even though it is almost inaudible, and she arches her back a little to dunk her head, and ears, under the water. She instantly regrets it, for her floppy, large-ish cat ears fill with water, and she has to sit up with a sharp, soft mew, and knock the water out of them. She takes a deeper, sigh filled breath, and shakes her head.

The woman's small body floats, once again, on top the water, glistening from her dunk, as her long and sleek, black fured tail slowly undulates and swishes around in the water. She really is a very small neko, though, she seems to have quite a bit of presence to her. Standing at just over four foot nine inches, and weight not too much over ninety, she is very small in stature. Her other features make up for that lack of height, though, as her long, firey red hair, bright deep blue eyes, and her kitty ears, and cannot forget the tail, do much to point attention to her. Most concider her to be extremely cute, her small, roundish face, and slightly slanted eyes giving her an almost asian cast to her features. The fact that she is basking, naked in the hot tub phases none of the other patrons of her favorite club to hang out in. It seems they are starting to get used to her antics, her cuteness, and her tendancy of wearing as few articles of clothing as she can get away with.. which generally means she wears nothing.

Her thoughts though, are not on anything cute, small, fuzzy.. well, the were not on anything interesting at all. In fact, her thoughts are quite lonely, thinking about how much she misses her mate.

Her mate. That brings flashes of memories to her, memories of dancing, of snuggling, of cuddling all night. Memories of hot, passionate lovemaking. Memories she wishes to treasure, and cherrish, and carry with her forever. She starts to purr at that, the thought carrying some extremely erotic images with it. The time she covered her mate in pumpkin pie, right after Thanksgiving, and licked every inch of her clean, comes to mind. Her body, already in a hightened state of arousal from her heat cycle, tingles with the thought, as her small hand moves down and unconsciously rubs at her heated sex. She mews with a delighted moan, then catches herself, and slowly sinks into the water, blushing fiercely even though there was no one there to see. The hottub bubbles, steaming softly, the air clouded just slightly above the water line.

She relaxes, floating above the water again, sighing softly. Her thoughts, inexplicably turn back to her mate, and the loving they share.. and once again she mews, her hand slowly starting to move again, lifting up to rub and pinch softly at one of her hardened nipples, trying to massage them out of their hardened state. Not going to happen, but she can make her valliant effort. Her other hand snakes up, her body tingling in the heated water, to start rubbing at her other nipple. She cannot help herself, in her highly aroused state, she is just going to have to make a spectacle of herself, so she can at least function later.

Her mind wanders, her memories of all her love making very fresh. It helps to be able to pull up those memories and sensations at will. Her mind remembers the time her and her mate ended up rubbing themselves over each other, their wet sexes coating each other with their sweet sweet honey, and the small neko is unable to help herself. She reaches down with another, insistant mew, and slowly rubs against her sex, mewing again as her fingers press into her folds, quivering with pleasure at the sensation of such smooth skin. She is clean shaven, even though she has never taken a razor to her skin. Hair just never grew anywhere other then on the very top of her head.. and her furry tail. Her fingers slide up and down against her sex's lips, mewing softly as she lets her finger dip into her sex just lightly, feeling the inrush of hot water along with it. The long, almost six foot tail starts to curl around one of her ankles. Her body quivers more, as she takes a deep breath, her sex throbbing for attention, as she slowly stimulates herself to her own memories.

Her back arches, as a soft wave of pleasure rakes through her, the first of many such sensations to come, she hopes. Her fingers delve a little lower, rubbing around the entrance into her soft, sweetly velvety sex, then slowly slip up and start to unfold the soft hood around her clit. She mews with more pleasure as she feels the heated water directly upon and surrounding her incredibly sensitive nub, as her fingers slowly start to move in. They touch her clit, sending shivers up through her, as they work their soft magic against her nub. She rubs in large circles, slow at first, but gaining speed slowly as her fingers circle her clit. She presses her fingers in, rubbing hard against her little nub, mewing her soft moans into the cool night air. She starts to varry her movements, her rubbing turning from large circles, into small strokes, then up into pressings and tappings, trying to pleasure herself in any way possible, wanting to feel as good as she possibly can, as fast as she possibly can.

She softly bites down on her tongue, her body quivering with a very large wave of pleasure, her sex clenching as her body moves closer and closer to orgasm. She mews more, and louder, although her weak voice does not let her geting loud enough to count as more then just a soft moan. With a sudden rush, her body clenches, as waves of pleasure start to squeek through her, warmth and electricity quiveringly sending her into soft convulsions, as she orgasms, hard. She feels her sex clenching rhythmically, feels her sex's juices slowly seep from her, into the water. Such a waste of one of the few, truely delicious things in the world. She lets herself fall into the warm embrace of her memory, her mind flashing images of herself licking Maya, them snuggling in warmth in front of their fireplace, her Lover covered in pumpkin pie with herself licking her clean, her Maya and herself coated with each other's cum, her Maya and herself rubbing their sexes fiercely together. Her fingers fly even faster, dipping into her hole farther as her mind regales her with images of her Loving Lover. Her body tenses again, as she softly squeels, her fingers driving her into another orgasm, her body quaking with pleasure, yet again.

Her body arches, as best it can in the water, trying not to let herself drown as she fingers herself. She pushes her finger deep, feeling her own tight sex, and curls her finger up, to press hard against her g-spot, mewing with fierce passion, needing to cum 'till her mind explodes with such pleasure. She unwraps her tail from it's squeezing hold on her ankle, intent on doing something she rarely ever does unless in heat like this, and moves it up, as she removes her finger, to replace it. Her tail pushes up into her sex, and then up against her g-spot, pressing hard on it, as her fingers return to flying against her clit. Her body quivers and quakes more, and more, her hypersensitive sex tingling its way into another enjoyable orgasm, her sex trying to squeeze and suck her tail into her deeper. She does not let it happen, though, as she needs to keep it where it is. The pressure on that spot is sending near constant waves through her, waves of tingles, waves of intense pleasure. She mews with passion, her fingers almost a blur against her sex, as she starts to cum once more, a giant, crashing wave of pleasure that leaves her whole body limp, and underwater. Her body quivers, shaking, as she scrambles to lift herself up and breathe again, and pops her head up, giggling with pleasure, tingling as she gasps for air.

She mews, flushed.. and slowly gets out of the hottub, her sex.. no, not just her sex, but her entire body glistening with water, flushed from her exertion, and slowly starts to walk into the club, dripping wet, with arousal and from the tub itself.


So.. well.. there it is. The first installment of the little red headed kitten. Who knows when I'll get around to writing more.